How Often Should You Get A Haircut – Finally Explained For Men, but Decision is Personal!

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It is possible to say that we were not described much of the necessary periods to pay a visit to the barber. The typical answer to the question “how often should I get a haircut” is from a fortnight to a month concerning short and medium-sized hair. But we wonder if there are some certain rules to follow? Surely, and it is high time to present them.

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Maybe we don’t think about some basic things which will prompt you to realize, how often should I get a haircut. Actually they are connected with the speed of hair growing, desired style and individual idea of estimating the excessive length of the hair.

These three rules need some further comments which will appear below.

  1. How fast does your hair grow? It is very personal!

New look

Concerning the degree of growing, one can admit some annoyance of having fast arriving hair. There comes a feeling of necessity of creating haircuts more often and difficulties of keeping the form longer and fresher even after visiting the specialist. On the other hand, there is an advantage of such hair characteristics. It means the ability to make the hair grow without a risk of being bald.

Then, why not to reflect on the topic of better possession: fast-growing hair of absence of its dynamics of length. Not for everyone, but for the most men the preference is quite evident. So, it is rather recommended stopping complaining and start considering the wealth you are having.

But the biggest factor of how often should I get a haircut is associated with the haircut itself.

  1. What style do you have or want? Different length – different variant of the style!


The regularity of salon visits mostly connected with the actual or wanted style. If the speed of growing is a natural stuff depending on the person, the way you wear hair is a merit of yours and your stylist.

It is common knowledge that different haircuts will have different effect of growing hair. As for creating a skin fade, the cut needs refreshing every couple of weeks, even more often to give optimal look. At the same time, for keeping shape for major part of medium hairstyles it takes about a month: only after they will be visually messier. And in case of longer hair it is possible to cut it once 7-12 weeks. It depends on the process and the point of receiving the result desired.

Now let’s add some scientific data. Generally, the growth of the hair is half inch per a month. Regarding the length of the clippers it is equal to number 4. Then, it is clear if the head of most men is shaven now, hair of the similar will arrive in a month’s time.

Logically, to possess a skin fade on the back and sides, the latter will contain more hairs by the end of the month when more regular trims are required.   

But with the mane of a long and luscious type there is a doubt of taking notice of new 0.5 inches on top after a month. In this case something else matters, for instance, some special hairlines shaven or hard parts. They will warn about the necessity of quicker trimming, while lines and parts of softer revealing will extend the life of the haircut chosen.

Much depends on the comfort you have with the current haircut. If you don’t feel fresh and nice, there will arrive a wish to cut the hair. In this case communication with the barber you trust is an optimal solution. He should analyze the appearance and the state of hair with future proposal of softer variants like opponents to the actual harsh ones.

What can be done else? Growing your hair. The barber’s advice are not less important here. You together can achieve the agreement of starting some new variant to fit with the following trimming after a month or a bit more. This will clear up if they are not arranged in a mess.

And finally, personal way of judging also influences the limits and frequency of hair modifications.

  1. How do you judge that your hair is too long? According to your taste!

Tastes differ. There are moments of feeling of the hair while waking up. It sometimes can stick to the skin especially after hardening to the style. In another way, short sticking out can annoy at the side of the head lying on the pillow.

No matter what you have or want to have, the opinion also adds to the answer of the question “how often should I get a haircut”. If you think much of the regular cuts, then it’s time to reflect if it is justified and doesn’t make you feel very uncomfortable. If the answer is positive, it is time to go to the barber’s and make an appointment on the future trimming with discussing some possible solutions.    

Sometimes clients don’t listen to their specialist about the combination of style and the time of changing. Many men expect duration of too harsh style to look well in a couple of months. But it is not possible.

Figuring out your personality and judging objectively the way to look and cut is strongly advisable. The next step is frank communication to the hair stylist. If you enjoy ultra fresh look and going to the specialist every week, then do not create the problem of timing your hairstyle. But imagining the person adoring skin fades and cutting only every month or more, it is probably better for him either to get used to rapid hair growing or with a desire of some compromise – letting the hair on the back and sides combining with a softer blend.

Summing it up, the frequency of getting haircuts depends on the personality, speed of hair growing, individual assessment, time of possible visits to the barber’s and financial possibilities. Also, analyzing some positive, or even negative ones, will be some good inspiration for future. The time van vary, but normally it takes about every 3-4 weeks.

Taking all these moments into consideration, speaking to the hair stylist you trust will be of optimal solution.   

Short Textured Fade Haircut For Men With Front Cowlick: An example to follow!

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Undoubtedly, all of us happen to have some unlucky “hair days”. And with some special possessions it can be even every day. Here, for instance, a cowlick is meant. Such notion dates back to the patterns which were observed on bovine calves. They took place after mother’s licking her young clean.

It is a kind of hair growth pattern that normally appears in the trademark swirl. This phenomenon of the haircut is commonly observed on the crown, nape of the neck, also on the back of the scalp. A cowlick is a place on the head where the hair forms a kind of circle with disruption of the normal growth.

The Reason for Cowlicks to Appear

So, the hair which “stands” on the scalp goes in one of the three directions – backwards, forwards and sideways.  The cowlick takes place with the “confusion” of the hair to choose its way to grow further. Practically, there are no limits on the head itself to ask follicles how to be involved into hair production. And the common result is arrival of some confused follicles to create a cowlick effect.

Can a Cowlick Be Fixed? In short – no!


icles start their life in utero with the initial production of lanugo. Little by little it is substituted by vellus and constant hairs. In this case we can confirm that already before the real arrival of hairs, their position is already fixed inside and can’t be done in the other way. Thus, many owners of prominent cowlicks can apply this strategy to provide some haircuts for men cover-up of the swirl.

Identification of Personal Cowlick with the Specialist: Tips to Remember

The tufts of hair shooting up in various directions are quite visible. They are commonly spread among men. And if the guys tend to cut the hair short, some stray or errant lock are rather noticeable.

When you estimate its presence and the location, it is rather advised to find a style which goes together with the cowlick. You should sit down with your familiar and experienced barber who will have a suitable idea for you. It is also not forbidden to bring some pictures of haircuts for men to follow.

Many hairstylists are aware of proper actions of cowlicks. They will not stick up during the hair growing. It is essential to avoid cutting near the pivot area. Also, thinning the hair in the notion described is very logical.

Once the exact style is agreed upon, the maintenance is proposed, the tools are used and the hair products are chosen, the new haircut with front cowlick can exist for the long time after visiting the barber’s.

In any case, the key to look your best with a cowlick is to be aware of the style which becomes to you both!  Like the character of our story below.

Front Cowlick of Josh: Magical transformation for the better!

Murdock is a place where Carl Taylor creates new haircuts. As an example, one of the clients paid a visit to do something with his front cowlick. Possessing a medium length hairstyle, he is annoyed to make something decent of the head every morning as the cowlick always hangs down. Carl analyzed the type of hair, its thickness and started transformation – short textured fade haircut.

Here are the variants of one the style after visiting the salon. Why not to study them and use the images for future visit to your barber!
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Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hair – What is the haircut? How to style? Revealing the Secret of the Popularity

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Charlie Hunnam is considered to be one of the most famous guys in the cinema of today. His characters are quite different and memorable. He got his popularity for being Jax Teller in the film “Sons of Anarchy”. Another cinema image to be remembered is on the work “Green Street”. And not only. But something particularly new has arrived! “King Arthur” by the director with the world name Guy Ritchie has brought another look of Charlie. The actor got the leading part and his transformation into the king is really impressive!  Having seen him once, you would never forget such a charismatic character full of own charm.

While watching the films with the favourite actors, one can’t but observe all the details possible – figure, clothes, speech, manner, gestures. And, surely, haircut. The film, moreover, historical, – is a reflection of way of life in Middle Ages, including some prominent features of appearance.

Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hair cannot escape from the spectator. One takes a note of a special fashion look of the haircut in the film. It is not surprising that such an image is loved by thousands and is worth telling about. Without going into many details, it is possible to describe the peculiarities of style and reveal the secrets of how to acquire the haircut stated above. The most part of devoted viewers consider it very “cool”.

What is the Charlie Hunnam King Arthur haircut? Some clarifying comments!

The style of hair introduced by the character of King Arthur is very attractive for both men and women. The former who have at least the hair of medium length will, probably, enjoy the idea to creating some similar look, and the ladies will call their beloved to try to stick to such style, let alone the admiration of their new “favourite”. It is a kind of presentation of the hair slicked back, shortened at the back and sides, neither long nor short. Another detail – a “wet” look.

What should I ask my barber for? Advice of the specialists

First of all, you should think over if you really want to change for such royal look. In this case, pay a visit to your familiar or recommended hairstylist who better knows your preferences and suitable variants of hair-cutting. And since the very beginning the man is not to allow to lose his hair much. In any case trying should be cautious, especially at first.

It is better to present some pictures of the film, especially if your specialist is not a constant cinema-goer. You should ask to provide the top to the length of medium size. Then a great deal of length which helps to push all the way back and finally the fashion of an undercut way should be given. As for sides and back length, normally the request will arrive between “numbers 2 and 4” in a kind of hair blending.

Surely, the character of King Arthur reveals some development in the film, so the variants of the hairdo are also logical. It is possible to create the cut with a zero fade, situated on the back and side part. The hair is started to be blended without so called undercut.

How to style the hairstyle? Nothing is complicated, but imperative!

In the film about King Arthur’s adventures it seems that the corresponding haircut is created with some water. Undoubtedly, such style is not practical to do it on a regular basis: it is different in case of possessing an assistant who will make a respraying every quarter of an hour. What a luck to be such a happy-man! But the majority of us will never have a helper like that, so there exists another way. To achieve and effect of wet look, a pomade on the water use is required. Another solution – some application of gel with “wet effect”.

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90 Short Back & Sides Long On Top Haircuts To Rock in 2018

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If you want to cut your back short and leave long sides on a top of your head, you may notice a plethora of variants to put your eye on. The good news is, the good barber always knows how to make your hair fit you in everyday activities and even on special occasions. Which means that this hairstyle is here to stay.We scrolled through our Instagram feed to find the best variants for you to try on this season.


Even though this seems quite classical, it doesn’t require much effort and can fit men both young and adults.


Is this the eyes or the topknot that helps this guy look so fresh and young? We’ll let you decide!


A shaved line forming the triangle and telling very much of a person… you may argue that, but we would say it tells something bold and brave.


One more lines experiment! Generally, you can try whatever you want on your shaved hard part. Free your wildest fantasies and be sure your barber will always be there to stop you if something goes wrong!

The longer the hair – the more you can put on your top, especially if you crave pompadour look. And why not? This enlarges your forehead and makes you look smarter hence.


Good news for you if you think it’s hard to do something smart with your part: a barber can build a whole hairstyle around it! Here’s the example that doesn’t look that bad, does it?


For those who love experimenting with hair colors, this variant might be interesting. Even though it requires some frequent styling, it’s all worthy with these textured wavy look!


Wearing hair tattoos is almost like wearing real ones on your neck. Even though it grows down quickly, you do get interested gazes at you!


Interesting choice for those who likes wearing their hair lose but never refrains from trying something new. This hair may be worn like this or even in a ponytail, but both variants require lots of care, so get ready for that.


One more grey grade option. Given the volume, it looks awesome.


If you wear a beard, you can be sure there will be something funky in your new hairstyle. Barbers love playing around those, and how can you blame them?


Thankfully, this hairstyle doesn’t always require much styling. This guy proves it in the best possible way!


What did we tell you about hairstyle geometry? Here’s one more example of how good it can look. One walk of a razor to give you a superhero look!


Leaving hair in different lengths means they will grow back naturally and don’t turn into a mess.


One more good news about this hairstyle – it can be applied to any hair texture!


Fade comes in any color!

For a gifted barber, unusual crown doesn’t mean problem. It means another opportunity to create something exiting!


Choosing a silhouette for your shaved tattoo, you have to take into account what can a razor do in the arms of a good barber. Looking at this hairstyle, you can say a talent makes wonders!


You can apply any level of dividing a top of your head and sides, as well as the hair length. But, to make a wise choice, don’t describe everything you want to a barber in words – show the picture!


Oh, Alexa, this looks so good, play “Hello Spaceboy” by David Bowie.


This guy surely knows what love is! Even though his hair are kept at equal length, you can only guess how else can you transform it given all the hairstyles above…


Truly, having such hair requires great styling, but, as we all know, with great beauty come great responsibilities!


Probably, this guy is into anime? Who know! If you’re looking for something extreme and eye-catching, here’s your choice!


Surely there are variants for guys who don’t really want to have messy hair, and for whom slicked look means nothing out of ordinary. Perhaps, they can crave this variant.


This hairstyle reminds us a little of Fernando Torres during his fame days. So whether you’re a fan of Liverpool, Chelsea or Atletico Madrid, look at this gent carefully.


We can never get enough of razored lines. Can you?


This one isn’t Fernando Torres already, but… David Villa, anybody?


The best thing about long hair on top is that you can literally style them any way you want. We mean it.


With this hairstyle, you can fearlessly say that only God can judge you. And let the haters hate.


We know that achieving a true Viking look is a goal of a lifetime. If your body is large already, you only need to cut your hair back and wear them on top… see? Don’t forget about the beard too!


But, even so, even with Viking-desired-look, you can still have some length of your back. Here’s an idea how head hair can mix up with a beard.


This one is okay if you want to outline your forehead.


This one ain’t hard for any hard-working barber out there.


What did we tell you about a macho this style provides? There you go, Alex Turner!


You can’t argue this guy looks like a total Irishman. The bushiness of his beard and the slick of his hair only outline this intriguing mix.


Another example of how short hair can mix up with a beard.


Praise to all the barbers who show us both before and after pics! If it weren’t for them, we would never know how messy can you come to a stylist. And, by the way, the part is on its rightful place.


Having some curved lines right above your bad-ass diamond tattoo is an excellent idea.


A spikey hairstyle. Good one to prove your right to party.


This guy is smiling, because he just got a new buzz haircut… would you be smiling that wide if you were in his shoes?


As you can see it clearly, this guy’s hair is very thick. It still let the barber to do some kind of a Mohawk and leave some short hair on sides.


There is no way for you to say that styling is boring. You need to be patient if you want everyone to look at you.


This hairstyle shows a perfect way to apply different lengths on different parts of a head. It rocks!


Trust us, razoring a line of this perfection ain’t easy.


Truly, even if hair look in different directions, that doesn’t mean they don’t belong to one person!


Told you, we can never get enough of these fancy razored lines.


If you remember something from this text at all, let it be this: long top hair look perfect on gents with long faces. They make a face, visibly, even higher and proportional. You can’t say that about guys with round faces most of the time.


Even though it doesn’t look like an ordinary fading, but the lengths do change… The geometry, though!


You like your hair long? Good. Although, you can’t wear this hairstyle lose, at it would hide all the style in it.


You like your hair slicked? Say no more!


You can also ask your barber for a hairstyle that looks a little bit straightforward. If you look closer, it all depends on a line that divides your long hair from short one.


Well, let’s say Elvis never went out of fashion. This can’t be questioned.


Thick hair can rock too. You only have to know the approach and a way to wear it.


We have mainly seen brunette guys rock the top hair, but here’s the evidence that the blondes aren’t to stay away from a catwalk.


Here’s more inspiration for blondes (or the ones who want to bleach their hair).


Here’s the best example of the way length changes from top to down. The only thing you have to decide on is what you want to have on your top!


You should consider cutting your hair to the minimum if you are tired of dealing with long curls…


… or getting a part worth screaming for!


Laying your hair back isn’t the worst idea too, by the way!


We aren’t exactly sure if fringe manipulating can be, as they say, “the next big thing”, but, should it happen, we won’t be surprised. At least it looks like fun!


The waves of this hairstyle are just eye-catching, whether it’s a question of natural beauty or stylist working.


The other thing that the stylists do is using a pomatum in a way it makes you look cooler and natural at the same time. So, it’s a kind of a food for your thoughts.


And how do you like a pointy top?


Oh, probably, military style is the one that fulfills your heart’s desires?


Trying out an extreme haircut is a subtle way of saying “I’m done with your buzzcuts and ordinary hairstyles, let me wear something different!”, and it works! We bet this guy was happy to look so exceptionally good, and you will too!


Hair can also be used as an expression of your views, beliefs… confessions, maybe?


Oh, what a hairstyle for some kind of a politic! A pompadour, indeed, and requires lots of styling, but ain’t it all worthy? Just look at it!


Parting your hair into two areas isn’t very bad, if you look at this gent.


Some gents may laugh at roots growing out, but we’d say that it’s a great way to say you are not what you look on the outside!


Ways of styling your top hair comes in many!


In this hairstyle, the barber decided to play around a crown a little. And it led to some very interesting result!


Beautifully performed side parting can add some volume to your hair.


A part can also stretch along your whole top hair, which is not a very bad decision too.


Volume! More volume, please!


The lengths of hair may not be seen, but it indeed exists.


The geometry of this lad’s hairstyle and beard is simply unbelievable.


What we see here is another example of how interesting it can be to play with a crown a little.


The same effect this guy would have if he wore a ponytail. But he didn’t, and that was still great.


Ain’t it a true joy when you get your hair cut by a truly professional barber?


This guy may look a bit skeptical, but he must be happy with his new haircut. The structure is perfect.


What did we say about intruiguing razoring decisions?


This guy proves you may leave as much hair as you like. Don’t forget to style them, though, or nobody will understand you have a haircut!


A razored part with a cross just adds some luster to a style.


It’s hard to imagine how thus guy would deal with this hair when they style out… good luck to you too, if you take a leap onto that!


A close look at what might end up as your next haircut!


This haircut looks as if it was divided into three parts, and the part from the left got the less length. The right did as well, if you look in the mirror.


Can we all agree that razored tattoos took place of real ones? They don’t last that much and transform really fast, so we can see why.


The fringe almost looks like it was a cap. Sunlight protection, maybe?


Perhaps we left some of the most satisfying looks for desert. Something like this one, for example. The mix of blonde and black! Just gorgeous!


The last, but not the least – an option with some spiky hair! Attractive enough with a drop of gel.

That’s all we’ve got up our sleeves! Let us know if you found a hairstyle that suits you best thanks to us.
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75 Short Beard Styles For Any Taste

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Save your tears for someone else: we know how hard it is to grow a beard sometimes, especially with everyone around having it… still, that would be awesome to break it to you: any beard is worth growing out. You only have to look yourself at the mirror and accept whatever you are. And we are willing to help you out with a correct option – here’s our lowdown from Instagram with 85 pics to take inspiration from.It doesn’t matter if your beard is at its best on the middle or on the sideburns, or covers different places of your chin, or even steals all attention due to its massiveness and credibility, we’ve got something to offer you. We only scouted for short variants, so you won’t have to grow the beard down your chest!We are sure that giving a name to a beard isn’t the very best idea, so, when you find the one, we simply recommend you to take it with you to a barber. They will be grateful for the rest of your business relationship. You can also try it at home yourself, if you have the balls to!By the way, don’t miss out on hairstyles too. Perhaps there is something that can steal your attention?


This beard requires some texture and neat trimming, but the beard line itself is great.


This job is extremely short and can be hardly called a beard, but, at least, sideburns don’t steal the attention!


Those barbers who always parallel their “before & after” results are the ones we are gravely thankful for. Just look at this curve!


This variant is worth looking at thanks to the messy beard and slicked hair contrast. The guy looks fun, and you wouldn’t miss a chance to know him, right?


There are people who think that pinpointed beard went out of fashion, but this guy proves it otherwise. His facial is patchy, but worth looking at still.


The accuracy of lines connecting hair and beard is something that you can easily miss out on if you try trimming your beard on your own.


Who said you can’t wear a short beard with a bald head? Show them this!


This guy, like, has facial all over his face! Somebody would call them a lucky one, a barber would call him a tricky one. The author of this haircut went stylish with his job: he made the gent look accurate without removing his unique facial hair! It looks way more nice, doesn’t it?


One more option for bald guys. Omit what haters would say and just enjoy the gaze of the Man.э


It seems like this beard has nothing to do with this hair, but it’s nothing but a first impression. If you look closer, the geometry is obvious.


We already mentioned that pin-point beard never goes out of fashion, and here you go. The intricate relationship between head hair and a beard is so promising, that we couldn’t have passed by this variant.


The relationship between this beard and this hair is quite interesting as well, for if you look at it, the fade of top hair is almost the same as a fade on sideburns, and it looks amazing.


What is obvious is that modern fashion constantly requires having lots of hair on a head and on a chin. This guy completed the task with flying colors!


Whether you wear glasses or not, this beard geometry will melt your heart.

We told you could find something to your likes up here, and here’s the proof! Maintaining both your hair and your beard in the same style is quite a challenge done beautifully by this gent.


Trimming can be tricky, but once you got the shape, everything else is just a question of your commitment.


Thanks to these relaxing eye patches, we can see just a perfect line of his beard. Straight, trimmed, contrasting with hair color… great, just great. Who said your first grey hair is your first step to ugly?


This variant is worth mentioning thanks to one tiny detail: a slight shade of grey in the beard. This man doesn’t look old, so we don’t think it’s a sign of aging, but more of an aristocratic spot to steal attention. Also, a hairstyle and a beard are very proportional.


We always thought wearing glasses is sexy. But, if we go deeper, wearing glasses above a decent beard is even sexier!


Bleaching your hair became a massive hit last season, and we don’t expect it to go down very soon. Which means, that if you haven’t tried that out still, now it’s your time!


Of course, this beard requires a full-time care. Trimming, brushing, washing – anything that comes to your mind. And a lots of facial too… but you aren’t ready to give up yet, are you?


We simply can’t get enough of gingers. They are simply amazing, aren’t they?


Another great way to show the contrast between the length of a beard and hair. And, let’s say, not the worst one!


As the story goes, this guy came to a barbershop (a barber was a woman) to get ready to a wedding reception, and the barber was not very content with what she got in the first place. But, then, she trimmed the guy a little and gave him a fresh clean look!


Don’t tell us this beard didn’t give you Jim Hopper chills.


And this one? The guy from “The Walking Dead”, probably?


Maintaining a swift line between your beard and your hairline is one of the keys to looking equally good for all the official and mundane events.


Even though this guy has a massive facial, well… you cannot notice an accuracy of his look!


Even if lots of facial is not your kind of thing, you can always go for a much simpler look, as this guy did.


You might say this beard is way too short, but this guy seems to be happy with it. Why can’t you?


We would say this is a clear look of a Scandinavian type.


It’s always given that, if you’ve hot curly hair, it’s hard to find a beard that doesn’t make you look scruffy, but this neat guy proves otherwise!


This guy rocks that-very beard that doesn’t cover all the face. And look how happy he is!


The style this guy goes for surely proves one thing point-blank: beard looks just gorgeous on any gent out there!


The way this beard is trimmed in different face parts makes us think this guy cares about his appearance very much… something that we recommend you as well!


You might not have the same complex body and anatomical correction, but that doesn’t stop you from having a slightly shaved and trimmed beard! We do crave these lines.


As you can clearly see from the pic, this guy has a slightly short beard hair above the longer ones on both sides of his face. What does it give him? A clear fresh look, rather original, let’s say.


Have we already mentioned how much we love guys with a Scandinavian look? Yes, we have. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that all the guys with blonde hairs and massive facial are a clear example of how well you can look with this set of features.


This lad shows us one more variant of a fading beard. And, as you can see, his chin is rather clear, and it doesn’t cover the neck at all.


If you like your hair lose, let this Danish guy be your inspiration!


Or, if you like yourself to be more slicked and styled, take this beard for a matter. The model’s got great hair too!


You wouldn’t expect to see Chris Hemsworth here, would you? There he is, anyway. If you go to your barber and show them this beard, they will do everything they can to get you this look, left alone all the fact that this was achieved by the team of professional stylists. Who cares!


We already showed you an option for blondes with long hair, but here’s the one for brunettes. Although, you have to have massive facial to have this one.


This look, according to its owner, a Norweigan, was inspired by Ryan Gosling. However it is, it proves that you don’t have to have lots of hair to attract attention to your beard – especially when it’s the only distinct feature of your face!


This guy wished his followers a good morning with this post. What is satisfying for our eyes here is the way his short beard mixes up with his cheekbones – a perfect option to underline the pertinent shape of your face.


The major part of this guys’ body hair spreads on his chest, but it doesn’t mean he has nothing to do with his face. See, not very much hair, but, indeed, a very nice look.


If you wanted to know how your special one feels every time they wake up next to you, here’s the reveal. Not the worst view, hah?


Here’s another option for those who are in immanent scarce of facial. Trimmed in several areas, this looks quite… well, let’s say good, if we don’t want to sound biased!


It’s always good to remember that beard isn’t a Christmas present, and it doesn’t choose between the good boys and the bad. It all comes from your biological matters, from the capability of growing hair in specific areas. You only have to embrace what you have and find a perfect variant for your face. For example, this guy doesn’t care about covering all the face contour, but look at his chin!


This gent probably has a fertile moustache area and uses it as his best asset.


You might have your issues about the clothes and pose choice of this guy, but his beard does look impressive. And very well thought-out.


Here’s a variant with not very much body hair at all. And this guy still looks good and self-confident – enough to look in the camera with a happy gaze!


The work of a barber is no mistake perfect here. Just look at how well he stretched a beard line, leaving the ear unharmed!


One more variant of a neat haircut with adding a nice haircut. This guy looks stylish indeed.


You’re never too old to try out something new and something… unexpected?


This option is way more foreseeable. The beard covers the whole part of a neck and looks very good connected to sideburns.


You might say the haircut itself and the beard don’t mix, and you would be right, but it doesn’t look like the matter here. Such trimming performance makes your face visually small and is very convenient for those who have long faces and massive foreheads.


This is one hell of a perfect performance of a fading beard. Small dots on the neck remind us that this was, probably, not the easiest job to do.


We probably shouldn’t talk about this beard left alone a haircut, but it’s still worth the try. The area above the upper lip is quite expected, but a round on the face… wow. Just wow!


This pic shows one more variant of how a round trimming might be performed.


The picture is a little blurred, but you can still see the empty line dividing a moustache and a beard. Intriguing decision.


We already saw beards in which the main accent was made on the face itself, without covering a neck, but this guy made a reversed decision. So, perhaps, it all depends on your face shape as well.


The room for your fantasy on where to put patches in your beard literally has no boundaries.


This guy from Uruguay has a long face too, and here’s what he came up with: his beard takes the major part of his face, covering it slightly.


This guy decided to play a little with his face shape as well. Everything on his face looks rather sharp if you look at his eyes, his thin lips and even his years that don’t stuck to the face… it makes the beard to be tightly performed as well. And a barber did his job well: the line totally resembles with the face shape.


Cleaning your face up is always a good idea.


We’ve already discussed how good can you look if you have your hairstyle and a beard, but here’s the style in which they simply add up to each other, existing like two separate face parts.


Here’s another evidence of how a beard can be nothing but a fancy detail to an intricate hairstyle!


This Pole seems to be unhappy for some reason, but we urge him not to be so sad! His hair color glows in the rays of sunshine, and his beard looks accurate!


And here’s the variant for guys with wide faces and big face parts. Say whatever you want, but we think this beard only finishes the macho look.



Another great idea for the ones who likes their hair on their chin.


Caring about a client’s ears is one of the features that distinct a good barber from a bad one.


Another way of outlining or hiding your long face line is to cover all of it with hair. Your beard connects with your hair on sideburns, and the silhouette makes your hair look more accurate.


What did we say? A beard doesn’t always have to be a separate element. It can also be an elegant detail. Nicely done.


Here’s your final idea on how your beard can look like. Geometrically perfect: a curved line on sides and a square for a rather large chin. Say whatever you want, we think that a good barber can make this work on any face… or at least tell you why it wouldn’t work. That’s not very easy too!

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Don’t you have a unique hair cut near me yet to distinguish yourself among the other people? It’ll be a challenge to deal with it problem, but still, there is nothing impossible if you really starve it. But, undoubtedly, you’ll have some obstacles overcome.

Usually we have fears of changes, so, for instance, when you are not completely satisfied with your barber, you’d better have your hair cut by this particular person because nobody knows what would be worse. I mean, to a certain extent, the new master could be worse, much worse than the previous one. That’s why you can’t change the barber even if you don’t like him.

Most people don’t know what they personally want, so that’s why the barber can’t style your hair in the way you want. First, try to explain it to yourself, describe it orally or in writing, find some pictures, which help you to explain it properly. Unfortunately, other people can’t read our thoughts and minds.

Can’t wait any longer?

Let’s get started, there are 3 major ways to get the greatest haircut from the most experienced barber in your district in the end.


The sources of good or bad recommendations are different. Use them. Talk to different people to become aware of the service of the various places and masters. Commonly, people don’t lie. If a barber isn’t skilful enough, a visitor will not recommend him to the other person. Sometimes you meet a person with a nice haircut. It’s a good chance to ask him about his barber.

Social networks such as Facebook or Instagram can be truly useful. Now it’s much easier to choose the right barber than earlier. Everyone can search for some reviews, read them and then decide if it suits you or not. Pay attention to barbers who have more stars, reviews and followers. If a client satisfied with the result of his haircut, he will commonly write something good, put some stars to the barber to thank him. I guess, this method will be quite helpful and you’ll certainly find the right barber for yourself.


One more way to find the barber is to use Instagram. It’s a quite common thing, when the barber post his work, haircuts, even the process of styling somebody’s hair. Instagram is a portfolio, which helps clients to estimate the level of the barber’s work. Sometimes people can even change their haircuts being inspired by the barber’s works on Instagram.

It’s quite convenient that there is no need to be aware of the Instagram handle of this particular barber. Over there you’ll find one hack on how to find the barber nearby in your district, using your device and some datum. Actually, I usually use this method to find the definite haircut near me.

Step 1: Use the App

Step 2: Press the tab SEARCH

Step 3: Write “place + master”

Step 4: Press the “PLACES” tab to find a haircutter nearby.

Step 5: Look through some barbershops in that district.

Step 6: Study their names to choose

Step 7: Look carefully to choose a hairdo

Step 8: Look at the hairdos and click on the barbers’ profiles

Step 9: If there’s nothing suitable, then return to the “PLACES” and click on the other barber

So you have an opportunity to estimate the barbers’ work before coming and cutting your hair.

But there’s still one disadvantage, there are some barbershops which are remote. So they may not have the possibility of having a Facebook page or an Instagram account, so they are great but unknown.

If you want to have a great haircut eventually, search for the same you want or more or less the same. Visit a great number of pages to have an opportunity to compare and choose.



We put a lot of questions, what and where the most brilliant haircutter nearby is, so we thought we would be able to fix this problem properly.

Our Regal Gentleman on Facebook can deal with this problem. It will be useful to make your searchings easier, more efficient. Unfortunately, right now only guys in London can use this bot, but you can send an email to [email protected] anyway with “Find A Barber & Your Location” in the Subject.

We’ll help you later and find a good haircutter in your district, but if not then we’ll consider it later.

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The man is no longer a gloomy hard worker who does not care about his appearance. Today it is man who chooses her clothes with taste, accessories that follow the trends and hairstyles for men.

Male haircut – not just a necessity, but an important detail of the image and a way of self-identification.You know, a successful person can be seen right away. And when we see a person, what are you looking at first? That’s right, for his appearance. Conclusion-looking good and have good relations with people, you must monitor and care for your appearance. Men who wear modern hairstyles, that is stylish short haircuts, psychologists consider business, reliable, accurate, self-confident, having a desire for rivalry and leadership, including in relations with the ladies. The portrait is almost perfect. However, small “flaws” can be identified by cutting: if it is on the right – in front of you a pedant who tortures partners with a love of order. The parting on the left is a sign of restraint, purposefulness, personal modesty. The central part, like that of merchants in old movies, is considered a symbol of independence and stubbornness. In our time, very rarely someone so combs – unfashionable, but enough and stubborn enough.

If you were born with a thick and fatty hair, you know that to make your hairstyle stylish, fashionable and worthy of attention, you need spend time and money on it, otherwise, there is no chance to make a good hairstyle. In this article, we will show you ways that will help, despite your fatty hair type it makes, obedient and that much important-stylish. Don’t despair, because every negative can be turned into a good plus. In this case, it’s important not to just be a fan of some fashionable hairstyle and stick to it. It is important to understand that the fashionable movement of the modern world should be combined with your tastes, then you will gain your unique taste and charisma


Despite this problem, we offer you several solutions. Essence of it article is that we show you several types of hairstyles-romantic (in order to drive girls crazy), sports (to look stylish and on the football field and in the pool and on the basketball court), modern (so you do not lag behind fashion and walked with her leg in the leg), which are suitable for your hair type, we recommend you several hair care products (various lipsticks, gels, shampoos and combs). You will understand what exactly you need and make a choice. After all, such hair need a stronger diet, vitamins and protein, that’s what they need to look healthy and be obedient.



The quiff. T Wanna make yourself such a haircut? Firstly, you must grow hair at the top and when the hair is long enough, you need to shave the hair on the temples. But do not forget to properly take care of such a hairdo, because the hair on top requires good care to be obedient and braver and choose this hairstyle for men.


His Majesty the Pompadour. Also, do not forget to brush your hair at the top of your head more often, so that they look neat and diligent. This is an important element of pompadour. Be Delicious.  Remember that this option can be suitable for any holiday or meeting. Wherever you go to the store, to the wedding, to school, to the university, you will always look well-groomed and dignified. It also fits any style of clothing. A sports suit, an official suit or usual style, it will be ideally combined with any.It is the hair that has been lifted upward that is associated in most people with courage, success and charisma. Do not forget about it, use this weapon. This version in its classic performance does not differ from other similar ones.


Classics of the genre. Despite its practicality, it is more suitable for people who already have a decent age. He will have to make a parting or incision among the hair on the side of the crown. You can show imagination and be not only stylish but also original. Paint the hair on the top or side of the head in a different colour. So do extravagant people who are not afraid of the opinions of others and live on their own waves. But just do not forget that this hairdo needs the most care. Getting up early in the morning, wash your hair, apply a gel for hair loss and comb your hair in the right direction. This hairstyle will suit millionaires, businessmen and people who often come to parties and special solemn evenings. The image of a millionaire is guaranteed to you! But even if you are young, you can try this option on yourself and maybe you will be satisfied. According to experts, men who make part in the centre of the head, are completely independent in everything. As a rule, these representatives of the stronger sex have got used to achieve their goals at any price. The main feature of fans of such hairstyles can be called stubbornness. The parting on the left side of the head indicates that the man is modest, restrained, but has such a strong trait as purposefulness.


All you need is to come to the hairdresser and ask for a haircut in the style of “boxing.” Enjoy the peace and do not worry about your appearance. What are the advantages of such a hairstyle? But remember that not everyone likes this hairstyle. In your tastes stick to the golden mean so that your tastes are combined with the tastes of other people and thanks to this harmony you will attract people. If you want to try this new variant for you, we hasten to warn you that it is better to do it in the warm season, as unprotected areas of the head can get cooled. We urge to be not only fashionable but also smart and practical.


This hairstyle is popular among young actors. And as for every fashionable hairdo, you need to look after it. How? Read carefully. Such hair will not need to be washed often so that they do not lose their structure and separation. This option is suitable for people who have a purposeful character and have features of perfectionism. This hairstyle will show your inner world perfectly if you are. Also, psychologists told that men who prefer to be short-cut are often marked by strong resolve and endurance, and they can always be relied upon. Holders of short haircuts are usually businessmen, who have a strong sense of competition. Such representatives of the stronger sex are the true leaders in everything. A haircut with a patterned machine speaks of an open desire for self-expression, no fear of being in the centre of attention, attention to one’s own appearance, and perhaps also of egocentrism.


To create an image, professional men’s hairdressers use cosmetics for hair styling, colouring, toning and camouflage. Hairstyle, as one of the most noticeable details of appearance, is a great way of non-verbal self-expression. That’s right, you need to buy the necessary hair products. These include lipsticks, paints, gels, shampoos, fixation varnishes, combs, powders and others. Each product must be selected individually for each type of hair and for each type of haircut.

Therefore, apply an average amount of gel or varnish and during the day, watch how they hold the desired shape. Also, we advise you to carry a comb with you in order to comb your hair in time if necessary. After combing your hair with your hand, you risk changing the shape of your hair and dirty your hands in the hair styler. Be smart and follow our advice. In today’s world, few people really want to spend time and money on their appearance, but we need to understand that success with others depends on how each of us treats ourselves to ourselves. Whether he loves himself or not. Start small. Learn to respect yourself and your appearance and success will not keep you waiting. As practice shows, the one who has invested in himself now will be successful in the future. In your arsenal, there must be enough devices to make from your usual hairstyle something that will be noticed from afar.


So you would save your time and nerves. The remedy is Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. What are its features? It is not only a reliable remedy, which with a minimum of quantity is able to fake but will also maintain the health of your hair. Such hair needs more nutrients. It is this tool that contains everything you need. What’s important is that it is produced in the UK, which means that the price matches the quality and does not disappoint you. Be with us and have your own unique hairstyles for men.

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Some tips on how to get the G Eazy haircut

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G Eazy haircut is quite sharp and extravagant; he does not blindly follow all fashion trends, but uses it with his eyes and taste. He can represent the classical variation with the modern spirit, using exceptional nuances.

No matter how extraordinary and individual G Easy style is, there is an opportunity to replicate it anyway. And in the article we will show you some secrets of his two haircuts; one of them is slick back, another — side parting.

1. Current G Eazy haircut in 2017 – the slick back

What is the G Eazy haircut actually called?

The first thing you should learn before visiting a barber is the name of a haircut. In our case, it is a slick back with a low taper on back and sides.

At first glance on the hairstyle, quite unpleasant associations might come to your mind: mafia, criminal movies, and murders. For it bears a strong resemblance of Al Pacino style in Godfather and Casino movie, starring Robert De Niro. Their characters have gotten to our minds, so no one would want to be recognized as one of the gang and to constantly catch suspicious eyes on the street. Well, G Easy was totally right to add a bewitching little detail, the taper, which returns us to the present day.

What to ask your barber for in order to get G Eazy haircut

This haircut has become rather popular recently and G Eazy is likely to be the one who encouraged it among young people. A high number of different interpretations has appeared in all these years, so when you decide to follow that trend you better show the picture of G Eazy hairstyle to the barber.

But to clarify his variation of the slick back, if you are longing to bear a strong resemblance of G Eazy, there are also 1-2 taper on the back and sides, and the length on top is about from 8 to 10 inches, however, for such cuts and 6 would be optimal.

How to style in regular life the G Eazy slick back haircut

In order to set such G Eazy hairstyle you will not manage without additional products, in our case a pomade, better purchase it from medium to high hold, for you not to worry about it all day long, no matter how windy or rainy it is. Then take your comb, using the pomade, comb through your hair up to the back, separating it on even hair strands.

But an important process should take place before, a blow-drying. Such hairstyles may be easily spoiled; you should dry your hair in a correct direction to reach a necessary volume.

2. The second version of G Eazy haircut in 2016 – side parting

What is the G Eazy haircut actually called?

This kind of haircuts seems so classic from 40’s-50’s, and that is good because retro never gets out of style, and with rockabilly elements, it gives overall a remarkable impression. But G Eazy obviously could not replicate a haircut from the 20th century, without adding some modern details so you should not worry of looking too old-fashioned.

What to ask your barber to get G Eazy haircut

Longing to replicate such a hairstyle, ask side parting in a barber’s shop. Watching closely at G Eazy version, we can see the mostly clean area around his ears and above the neck, a smart decision, because it brings more volume into the top. So point out in a barber’s shop to keep a zero taper fade on the back and sides.

If changing styles on every occasion is not essential for you, then you can follow G Eazy in getting a hard part, which make the styling not that time-consuming and tiresome. Otherwise, you can simply refuse this additional element.

How to style this G Eazy haircut?

You will need a comb with a fine tooth to brush your hair up. Perhaps some men are not fond of that permanent hair as G Eazy has, so they may choose lighter pomade.

Lifehack! When hair is still wet separate the parting and only after that start to style it by blowing dry and combing your hair. Then your parting would stay that way until night.

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How to get amazing David Beckham’s new shorter & textured haircut

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Wonderful announcement for all who did not like too long hair. The famous and beloved football player David Beckham whose hairstyle is liked by a lot of men and boys is having a new modern haircut now.

After he sported his hair in 90’s style recently this year, not long ago Beckham also disposed of his long hair and changed it for a shorter and more textured haircut. He has already changed about 3 or 4 various haircuts from the beginning of 2018, but now we are going to show you the 2 two best cuts that we chose.

P.S. In case you live in London right now, then ensure you have taken all the opportunities that we propose you. We made it possible for you to be cut by the finest London hairdressers without paying for it! Take the chance right now!

1. David Beckham Most Recent Haircut of the year 2018

What is David Beckham’s New and Recent Haircut like?

Beckham’s current haircut actually is short and is quite volumed crop; however, like we already wrote in the Summer Trends 2018 article, some could with no effort consider it a sort of crew-like cut.

It is styled quite on top, reminding everyone of the cut that was worn by Ryan Reynolds when he starred as Deadpool.

How to better ask your personal barber for the new David Beckham haircut

Because there exists such a broad amount of crop-like haircuts, it is much better to just expose your stylist a wonderful photograph of this rare type of a haircut. Despite being very easy, this haircut can be quite hard and complicated to put into words if your hairdresser has not seen the exact variant of what you want for yourself.

However, if you actually desire to know the smallest technical details of how this cut is usually made, there it is. It fades gently and is quite composed and high. It is nearly 0 – 0.5 mm on the back and sides, and there is around 4 cm long on the highest point. Essential moments to remember when this type of cut is created is to add to it enough of volume and texture. That is an actual thing that creates the jerky and slightly messy image, even more than that: it is of high importance for those whose hair is thicker and straighter compared to the hair of others.

How to style the new and modern David Beckham haircut

The most amazing detail about the David Beckham’s haircuts that he is wearing right now is that thanks to the volume of the hair that is given to it when it was cut, you can effortlessly leave it without styling at all. You can just wake up in the early hours having your hair looking natural and that is it: no style needed!

But in case that you own an actual wish to create some tidier version to your locks, try to use a little piece of special clay.

2. David Beckham early 2018 new and recent haircut

About that exact cut, we talked to our professional colleague, Tucker Richard, the famous hairdresser to learn about his attitude to the new cut, learn about his opinion about what it looks like, and report to our readers his tips and lifehacks on through what ways you can create this kind of haircut.

But right now we propose you to check out the clip of ours about the hairstyle worn by David Beckham.

Here we are back to Richard’s pieces of advice and details about how to achieve and style this haircut.

What is David Beckham’s new haircut like?

Getting rid of the long tresses! There were several men this year who wanted to do the same and risk it.

It is not like a crop or a pompadour, it is more about both of these. Crops may appear to be extra shortcuts having little of volumed, pompadours are generally of more length with a glabrous comb ending.

No doubt, there exists a broad, amazing variety of these kinds of cuts and it is usually good not to be carried away by giving those names and terms. However, in case I was forced to give it a term. Then, it looks like a prolonged cut of textured hair and with a gentle fade on the both of the sides and back.

Point out the place where the fade begins, it is very high on the front side and falls to the back, making a high to a small fade contradiction. That very high drop fading is meant and needed to make a smoother and gentler style at the back to reinforce the long look with the volume on the top of the head.

It is extremely essential and unavoidable that you ensure that the hairdresser does not cut it and make it very high at the very backside! You will not always notice it but people surely and constantly see it, and it is not good enough and amazing when there are longer locks on the temple of the head.

Moreover, it is everything meant about this volume with this haircut, even that David wants that cut quite short for him, lower or with additional volume – it is of high importance to make a wonderful dynamism in the cut- just make your locks of different length to make a natural and handsome image.

The modern cut: Long volume fade

What to ask my barber to get the David Beckham new and recent haircut

It is always a perfect option to just demonstrate you, hairdresser, a photo of the wished haircut – it is always simpler! If this is not possible, tell them the next things –

The sides:

Are quite faded. It is as if David has asked his barber for1 mm length of locks. You wish to tell the hairdresser to begin quite in the height at the facial side and pull it lower at the side of the back, but not very low at the back of the head.

Keep in mind that the sense of the dropping is to step by step turn it to a lower fading and hold the quite long locks on the higher point of the head, that will make a gentle and smooth image.

The top:

Allow your hairdresser immediately turn into Edward Scissorhands for a little while! (but not lose their mind of course).

In case that you wish to know the smallest technical details, then methods of cutting particular sorts of the locks would make the feeling of dynamism.

Actually, to make it easier, to get the look of David, for sure tell the hairdresser to let it long of the head and give it plenty of volumes. You may as well tell your hairdresser to get rid of heaviness in case you try to have more texture.

How to make the best style of the David Beckham haircut?

The cut can be styled in so many different ways and techniques! In addition, there it is possible to be of various combinations for this. But here you go 3 variants for you personally –

Variant one: Clean your locks, use the product and dry making it of a wished form.

End it using a product especially for hairstyling, for example, the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay.

Variant two: Do the same thing as David: have an aeroplane to an island, bath in the salted water of the sea and have that original matte volume look! However, if you can not have the personal aircraft this Friday then you can just buy the Salt Spray. Use this to water and moisture the locks and then allow it dry on the natural air or using a special hairdryer. Clay is amazing for making a big amount of volume in your locks for extra shape and volume.

Variant three: having your hair dry give to it a matte dust product. It is the finest spray for creating lots of textured and volumed locks.

Or you are free to leave it natural or end it with a small drop of matte thing for hairstyling. For example, Regal Gentleman Matte Clay if you want it, give it some additional volume and support.

Variant three: Having your hair not wet give to it a product dust matte (volume dust). It is the greatest thing to create lots of additional volumed locks and textured shape of your haircut.

Or are always and unquestionably free to leave it natural or end it with a small drop of matte product for hairstyling. For example, use Regal Gentleman Matte Clay if you want to add a bit of additional support to it.

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How to get the peaky blinders unusual haircuts easily

2018-09-14 • Under: Brutality, Charism, Charm, Menshaircut


Peaky blinders haircut is one of the few haircuts that attracts the eyes of passers-by. If your boyfriend is wearing Bred Pit’s haircut and thinks he is marvellous, today’s article absolutely for you. Though you can not choose a present for your lover, we have an idea: select a cut, a master and give a certificate to hairdressers.

Nowadays, long haircuts are in a brand. They brilliantly match business people and office workers. Such cuts men can wear with the hairline and without. They are very practical and save time. A man with such cutting does not lose in a crown. For extreme and slim boys with correct facial features, Shelby image would be preferable.

Four cruel and criminal Shelby brothers have recently appeared on TV in the British serial. But we are not going to discuss this movie. We are interested in their fancy styles and haircuts that

Although their looks refer to the twenties of the 20th century, people in 2018 like the way they dress and cut. It has become fashionable and many would like to imitate their style. Today we share how to be like that guys. Such cuts are called “Crop”. “Crop” is elegance and insolence simultaneously in one. It is the English spirit of XX epoch. The main heroes of the Peaky Blinders have namely “Crop” in numerous variations.

Let’s see each of popular brothers.

How to get the middle bro Tommy Shelby peaky blinders haircut

What is the handsome Tommy Shelby haircut called?

His trim is shortly shaved back and sides. On the clipper, you use 1-2 level. And on the top of his head, there is a wide line of long hair to throw spectacular it away.

What to ask your personal barber for?

Come to the proven hairdresser and say only “Thomas Shelby”. Almost every hairstylist understands that you mean. Another variant, you can simply present his photo. Don’t get all wrapped up in a special term to explain.

And once more – in the case you are not going to wear always your fringe down, you should inform a hairdresser to make hairdo quite flat to put the bangs away.

Styling like the Thomas Shelby cool hairstyle

To have the most perfect Peaky Blinders coiffure it necessarily requires a thing which will add volume to your hair with a matte finish and let your cut to be fixed all day long. With the help of it, you can change styles during the day. There are a lot of different good gels which hold your hair and lift them. The last stroke for your fashionable haircut is finished.

How to get without problems the amazing Arthur Shelby peaky blinders haircut

What is the nice Arthur Shelby haircut called?

His cut is a long lock brushed back from the forehead and shaved sides and neck. The level of shaving relies on your desire how severe you wish to look. On the clipper, you use from 0 to 2.

This hairstyle makes you more brutal and courageous that the girls like so much.

Styling like the young Arthur Shelby hairstyle

peaky blinders haircut

Another Shelby brother is a daredevil, Arthur. His nowadays image with combed very long fringe back is modern as in previous century. To do like this, you take anything which brings the effect of moist hair and can thin the locks with a brush. Again to remember, it is better to use special gel with soggy laying.

How to get easily the gorgeous Michael Gray famous peaky blinders haircut

What is the modern Michael Gray haircut called?

Fearless Mick managed to become respected among elder brothers. Surprisingly but his old classic cut is enjoyed by everybody now. Films actors of that epoch exactly would appreciate this cut with side separation.

What to ask your professional barber for?

Maybe we repeat, but simply demonstrate any photograph to your hairdresser, and that‘s all. Because of a side separation can be various variants therefore not to be mistaken. It is preferable to perform the shot for your master. If you want exactly the hairstyle from the film, detail your hairdresser to get accurate hair image. It is not allowed to shave 0 levels. It is typical a very long fringe combed to back and cut temples with some stubble.

Styling the grand Michael Gray hairstyle

To separate your hair, apply for a brush and the gel. Divide a wide lock and comb to one side or down. Then dry it to fix. The last, use the gel to make your cut shining. That’s all and you get the trendiest image.

How to get the valiant John Shelby peaky blinders famous haircut

What is the luxury John Shelby haircut called?

All along the serial his hairstyle has transformed several times as he turned out a headman of The Peaky Blinders hooligan band. We think John’s the most successful cut appeared in the first part. Typical lock on the top head, but it is shorter than other brothers have. As for back and sides, you are allowed to shave 0-1 level. Done this way, the serious appearance you receive.

Styling as the ambitious John Shelby hairstyle

John Shelby is the third adventurous fellow. By the way, his haircut is not difficult to make by yourself. Because of short hair on the head, you will not have problems laying. According to the hair length on the top, you manage your cut without any additional things like a gel, mousse or spray. Just one advice to add the volume you can use a shampoo with this effect. And your cut will seem chic, fresh and stylish.

So, if our gentlemen want to impress people, the style of Peaky Blinders haircut is a good choice. It gives you masculinity, gravity and efficiency. You just visit a hairdressing salon. It is not hard to cut and does not take loads of time. Also, you do not waste time styling it by yourself. Besides many women appreciate such significant haircut and cannot resist before their charm. Remember about it when you will decide what cut to make.

We want to thank the authors of genius brothers’ haircut, joining brutality and vulnerability.