Top 3 New Hairstyles for Men’s 2019! Men’s Haircuts Trend!

2019-08-19 • Under: Haircut, Menshaircut


Hello everyone, now we’ll talk about men’s hairstyles, which becoming more popular which are comfortable which set you apart from this large mass of groomed guys. So, they drove. The first hairstyle I would recommend to you and tell about it – this is the side part. Hairstyle like me, but there are various options side part.

It is done very simply. This is when you have a neat parting, when you comb your hair on the side.

You, respectively, on the sides are short, and gradually the hair is lengthened. Such a checkmark, letter V. This is called the side part. Again, there are a lot of varieties of the side part, but the general neatly. In general, men should always have everything neatly. There is another variation of the side part – this is when you comb hair a little back.

Also very cool, stylish, looks beautiful.

But it happens corny hair so do not go. To find your own, and if you like to comb your hair side, then experiment.

Do it differently. Go to the hairdresser, ask you to made. Or before doing this, experiment at home with a comb, gel, varnish. By the way, about individual hair care products.

Well, we move on. After the side part, the next thing that is gaining momentum is Canada.

Yes, good old Canadian, she is stylish at all times. But I will not only talk about the hairstyle “Canadian”, but about what else to add and what has become popular in In 2016 and, of course, 1 it all passed into 2017.

I think it will also be fashionable in 2018.

To begin with – Canadian happens in this version, it happens in this design.

Again, as you like, each person has his own specificity.

As a rule, as you were cut in childhood, such a hairstyle It suits you. The only thing left to add is combs, special means, maybe a hairdryer and then you will make a hairstyle of your dreams. Yes and not without the help of a hairdresser. But there are still additional elements. Let’s say this is such an element as a shaved parting. You may notice that my parting is also shaved, but I already have it a little overgrown.

Again, when you come to the hairdresser, the most important thing ask him to make a thin strip. To get started, look where your parting is located. Because they will make you more up, or more sideways, believe me, the hairstyle will depend on it very much.

Also now it has become fashionable to create a special contour, that is, do a certain edging, and do it in the form, well, not that of the figures, but with any sharp corners. It can be whiskey, sides, beard.

And by the way, the next thing I’d like to go to is various combinations of your hairstyle with a beard. When both a hairstyle and a beard – you cut them together and they are both well-groomed, then it looks very cool.

You will be simply irresistible. with different edging, make different shapes. Here, for example, my hair grows badly on the sides.

So I make a beard, I do the trim in this way. Someone’s whiskey turns into a beard and then you do neat edging and it all goes with you into the beard.

Also looks very cool.

There is no single rule, there is your hair type and how is your hair on the head and face grow.

Therefore, adapt to your specifics. it doesn’t grow here. Adapt to this situation and you will be comfortable.

And of course, a hairstyle for all time is boxing or half box. Especially now the summer is coming, more precisely, it has already come. Of course, short hairstyles are relevant. More and more young people, I see, are starting to get their hair cut, really short. When you cut your hair short and even if your hair do not fit anywhere, now, again, very stylishly, when you do some strip, parting.

There are people who even cut their own contours hair that is in front, which supposedly interfere, and bad industry. They, too, are sheared. Thus make special pointed corners, and the hairstyle a certain figure is formed, a certain format, which emphasizes the individuality of this particular man.

But in such hairstyles there is a minus. If you are doing boxing or semi-boxing, if it’s some kind of short hairstyle, minus the fact that here you need a very carefully monitor the hairstyle.

Because if the hair grows, let’s say, here you cut your hair, you have branch hair, it looks ugly.

We must go to the hairdresser in two weeks so that he you trimmed everything again, or do it yourself.

The same thing if you cut yourself some corners and do special edging if you cut this corner, so there was such a transition from corner to parting. Therefore, friends, self-care must have.

Once again, friends. This is the side part in different variations. Secondly – this is Canadian, you can do parting, cut, make some shapes. Further combination with a beard.

Hairstyle and beard – we must take care in parallel together and adapt to your hair type.

The third is boxing or semi-boxing.

This is a short haircut, where you can also cut, do a certain figure hairstyle, pointed corners, etc.