Top 3 New Hairstyles for Men’s 2019! Men’s Haircuts Trend!

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Hello everyone, now we’ll talk about men’s hairstyles, which becoming more popular which are comfortable which set you apart from this large mass of groomed guys. So, they drove. The first hairstyle I would recommend to you and tell about it – this is the side part. Hairstyle like me, but there are various options side part.

It is done very simply. This is when you have a neat parting, when you comb your hair on the side.

You, respectively, on the sides are short, and gradually the hair is lengthened. Such a checkmark, letter V. This is called the side part. Again, there are a lot of varieties of the side part, but the general neatly. In general, men should always have everything neatly. There is another variation of the side part – this is when you comb hair a little back.

Also very cool, stylish, looks beautiful.

But it happens corny hair so do not go. To find your own, and if you like to comb your hair side, then experiment.

Do it differently. Go to the hairdresser, ask you to made. Or before doing this, experiment at home with a comb, gel, varnish. By the way, about individual hair care products.

Well, we move on. After the side part, the next thing that is gaining momentum is Canada.

Yes, good old Canadian, she is stylish at all times. But I will not only talk about the hairstyle “Canadian”, but about what else to add and what has become popular in In 2016 and, of course, 1 it all passed into 2017.

I think it will also be fashionable in 2018.

To begin with – Canadian happens in this version, it happens in this design.

Again, as you like, each person has his own specificity.

As a rule, as you were cut in childhood, such a hairstyle It suits you. The only thing left to add is combs, special means, maybe a hairdryer and then you will make a hairstyle of your dreams. Yes and not without the help of a hairdresser. But there are still additional elements. Let’s say this is such an element as a shaved parting. You may notice that my parting is also shaved, but I already have it a little overgrown.

Again, when you come to the hairdresser, the most important thing ask him to make a thin strip. To get started, look where your parting is located. Because they will make you more up, or more sideways, believe me, the hairstyle will depend on it very much.

Also now it has become fashionable to create a special contour, that is, do a certain edging, and do it in the form, well, not that of the figures, but with any sharp corners. It can be whiskey, sides, beard.

And by the way, the next thing I’d like to go to is various combinations of your hairstyle with a beard. When both a hairstyle and a beard – you cut them together and they are both well-groomed, then it looks very cool.

You will be simply irresistible. with different edging, make different shapes. Here, for example, my hair grows badly on the sides.

So I make a beard, I do the trim in this way. Someone’s whiskey turns into a beard and then you do neat edging and it all goes with you into the beard.

Also looks very cool.

There is no single rule, there is your hair type and how is your hair on the head and face grow.

Therefore, adapt to your specifics. it doesn’t grow here. Adapt to this situation and you will be comfortable.

And of course, a hairstyle for all time is boxing or half box. Especially now the summer is coming, more precisely, it has already come. Of course, short hairstyles are relevant. More and more young people, I see, are starting to get their hair cut, really short. When you cut your hair short and even if your hair do not fit anywhere, now, again, very stylishly, when you do some strip, parting.

There are people who even cut their own contours hair that is in front, which supposedly interfere, and bad industry. They, too, are sheared. Thus make special pointed corners, and the hairstyle a certain figure is formed, a certain format, which emphasizes the individuality of this particular man.

But in such hairstyles there is a minus. If you are doing boxing or semi-boxing, if it’s some kind of short hairstyle, minus the fact that here you need a very carefully monitor the hairstyle.

Because if the hair grows, let’s say, here you cut your hair, you have branch hair, it looks ugly.

We must go to the hairdresser in two weeks so that he you trimmed everything again, or do it yourself.

The same thing if you cut yourself some corners and do special edging if you cut this corner, so there was such a transition from corner to parting. Therefore, friends, self-care must have.

Once again, friends. This is the side part in different variations. Secondly – this is Canadian, you can do parting, cut, make some shapes. Further combination with a beard.

Hairstyle and beard – we must take care in parallel together and adapt to your hair type.

The third is boxing or semi-boxing.

This is a short haircut, where you can also cut, do a certain figure hairstyle, pointed corners, etc.


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The man is no longer a gloomy hard worker who does not care about his appearance. Today it is man who chooses her clothes with taste, accessories that follow the trends and hairstyles for men.

Male haircut – not just a necessity, but an important detail of the image and a way of self-identification.You know, a successful person can be seen right away. And when we see a person, what are you looking at first? That’s right, for his appearance. Conclusion-looking good and have good relations with people, you must monitor and care for your appearance. Men who wear modern hairstyles, that is stylish short haircuts, psychologists consider business, reliable, accurate, self-confident, having a desire for rivalry and leadership, including in relations with the ladies. The portrait is almost perfect. However, small “flaws” can be identified by cutting: if it is on the right – in front of you a pedant who tortures partners with a love of order. The parting on the left is a sign of restraint, purposefulness, personal modesty. The central part, like that of merchants in old movies, is considered a symbol of independence and stubbornness. In our time, very rarely someone so combs – unfashionable, but enough and stubborn enough.

If you were born with a thick and fatty hair, you know that to make your hairstyle stylish, fashionable and worthy of attention, you need spend time and money on it, otherwise, there is no chance to make a good hairstyle. In this article, we will show you ways that will help, despite your fatty hair type it makes, obedient and that much important-stylish. Don’t despair, because every negative can be turned into a good plus. In this case, it’s important not to just be a fan of some fashionable hairstyle and stick to it. It is important to understand that the fashionable movement of the modern world should be combined with your tastes, then you will gain your unique taste and charisma


Despite this problem, we offer you several solutions. Essence of it article is that we show you several types of hairstyles-romantic (in order to drive girls crazy), sports (to look stylish and on the football field and in the pool and on the basketball court), modern (so you do not lag behind fashion and walked with her leg in the leg), which are suitable for your hair type, we recommend you several hair care products (various lipsticks, gels, shampoos and combs). You will understand what exactly you need and make a choice. After all, such hair need a stronger diet, vitamins and protein, that’s what they need to look healthy and be obedient.



The quiff. T Wanna make yourself such a haircut? Firstly, you must grow hair at the top and when the hair is long enough, you need to shave the hair on the temples. But do not forget to properly take care of such a hairdo, because the hair on top requires good care to be obedient and braver and choose this hairstyle for men.


His Majesty the Pompadour. Also, do not forget to brush your hair at the top of your head more often, so that they look neat and diligent. This is an important element of pompadour. Be Delicious.  Remember that this option can be suitable for any holiday or meeting. Wherever you go to the store, to the wedding, to school, to the university, you will always look well-groomed and dignified. It also fits any style of clothing. A sports suit, an official suit or usual style, it will be ideally combined with any.It is the hair that has been lifted upward that is associated in most people with courage, success and charisma. Do not forget about it, use this weapon. This version in its classic performance does not differ from other similar ones.


Classics of the genre. Despite its practicality, it is more suitable for people who already have a decent age. He will have to make a parting or incision among the hair on the side of the crown. You can show imagination and be not only stylish but also original. Paint the hair on the top or side of the head in a different colour. So do extravagant people who are not afraid of the opinions of others and live on their own waves. But just do not forget that this hairdo needs the most care. Getting up early in the morning, wash your hair, apply a gel for hair loss and comb your hair in the right direction. This hairstyle will suit millionaires, businessmen and people who often come to parties and special solemn evenings. The image of a millionaire is guaranteed to you! But even if you are young, you can try this option on yourself and maybe you will be satisfied. According to experts, men who make part in the centre of the head, are completely independent in everything. As a rule, these representatives of the stronger sex have got used to achieve their goals at any price. The main feature of fans of such hairstyles can be called stubbornness. The parting on the left side of the head indicates that the man is modest, restrained, but has such a strong trait as purposefulness.


All you need is to come to the hairdresser and ask for a haircut in the style of “boxing.” Enjoy the peace and do not worry about your appearance. What are the advantages of such a hairstyle? But remember that not everyone likes this hairstyle. In your tastes stick to the golden mean so that your tastes are combined with the tastes of other people and thanks to this harmony you will attract people. If you want to try this new variant for you, we hasten to warn you that it is better to do it in the warm season, as unprotected areas of the head can get cooled. We urge to be not only fashionable but also smart and practical.


This hairstyle is popular among young actors. And as for every fashionable hairdo, you need to look after it. How? Read carefully. Such hair will not need to be washed often so that they do not lose their structure and separation. This option is suitable for people who have a purposeful character and have features of perfectionism. This hairstyle will show your inner world perfectly if you are. Also, psychologists told that men who prefer to be short-cut are often marked by strong resolve and endurance, and they can always be relied upon. Holders of short haircuts are usually businessmen, who have a strong sense of competition. Such representatives of the stronger sex are the true leaders in everything. A haircut with a patterned machine speaks of an open desire for self-expression, no fear of being in the centre of attention, attention to one’s own appearance, and perhaps also of egocentrism.


To create an image, professional men’s hairdressers use cosmetics for hair styling, colouring, toning and camouflage. Hairstyle, as one of the most noticeable details of appearance, is a great way of non-verbal self-expression. That’s right, you need to buy the necessary hair products. These include lipsticks, paints, gels, shampoos, fixation varnishes, combs, powders and others. Each product must be selected individually for each type of hair and for each type of haircut.

Therefore, apply an average amount of gel or varnish and during the day, watch how they hold the desired shape. Also, we advise you to carry a comb with you in order to comb your hair in time if necessary. After combing your hair with your hand, you risk changing the shape of your hair and dirty your hands in the hair styler. Be smart and follow our advice. In today’s world, few people really want to spend time and money on their appearance, but we need to understand that success with others depends on how each of us treats ourselves to ourselves. Whether he loves himself or not. Start small. Learn to respect yourself and your appearance and success will not keep you waiting. As practice shows, the one who has invested in himself now will be successful in the future. In your arsenal, there must be enough devices to make from your usual hairstyle something that will be noticed from afar.


So you would save your time and nerves. The remedy is Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. What are its features? It is not only a reliable remedy, which with a minimum of quantity is able to fake but will also maintain the health of your hair. Such hair needs more nutrients. It is this tool that contains everything you need. What’s important is that it is produced in the UK, which means that the price matches the quality and does not disappoint you. Be with us and have your own unique hairstyles for men.

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What is a fade haircut? All you need to know about basic fade haircuts

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This type of haircut – fade haircut, was born in the middle of 20th century in the US army and then it was continued by Hispanics, African-Americans, and in the sixties by punks, who show their protest to society using this type of haircut. After that, for some time this type of haircut wasn’t very frequently used and we can see this type of haircut again only in the nineties in Forrest Gamp television series and others.

Recently this type of haircut wasn’t so acceptable at work and was at the edge, but it became very popular after the appearance of David Beckham on the soccer game with a fade haircut. Many men continued this trend after that game. Nowadays men wear fade haircut with different hair types and it looks fine with a wide range of fashion styles. Sometimes you can see people on the streets of your city with different kind of fades, with almost shaved whiskers or the back or with length. There are so many kinds of a fade haircut, that it becomes difficult to explain your haircutter your desires.

This article was written to help you to do the right choice of haircut.

So, what is the fade haircut?

All the hair in fade haircut has different lengths, usually, it is shorter behind and near the ears and longer on the topside. The length of the hair in fade haircut decreases gradually, forming beautiful gradations of colour. With this kind of haircut, it is possible to emphasize the form of your skull and jawline, change visually the line of the forehead using long length and to elongate your face. Also, you’ll be able to underline individuality and attract attention to your style using a fade haircut, but it is necessary to make a choice with care.

If you choose this type of haircut, it is desirable to pay attention to a few things. The first one is that if you are a blond, it will be more difficult to achieve the desired effect because the fade is not very noticeable on the light hair. So for best result, you have to play with the color of the fade haircut. The second one: you must pay attention to your skull type and face. This haircut type looks better with oval faces and not so good for square and round ones. It will be great to advise with your haircutter to choose more suitable haircut. At last the third reason: this type of haircut is connected with the necessity to use the fan and gel for styling your hair, but it’s the minor thing on your way of creating your own style, isn’t it?

What are the existing different types of a fade haircut?

Now mainly in use are few basic kinds of a fade haircut and the main distinction is the length of the hair and the height where fade to start. First of them – taper fade haircut and low fade haircut — bring fewer changes, others are most radical.

Also, you can play with symmetry and use some drawings on the sides, that can help you to achieve the more interesting effect and attracts more attention to your appearance.

In our article, we tell you about the main types of fades.

1. Taper fade haircut

Using this kind of the fade haircut usually allows saving more hair length than with other kinds of fade. The gradation of length in this haircut is oriented in parallel with neckline and whiskers, and it is smoother and less notable than in other kinds of fades haircut. If you’re going to make your first haircut like this, we recommend you to start with this kind, because it allows you to do a more familiar style.

2. Low fade haircut

This kind of haircut has more notable slope than in the previous variation. The length is gradually changing, so the hair can vanish beneath of the head in this kind of fade haircut. It looks brighter with the skin naked because the lower part near the neck in this fade haircut is absolutely naked.

3. Medium fade haircut

This type of fade haircut usually starts at the level of the nose and strongly accents form of the head and chiselled jawline, it is important to choose this kind of haircut with more caution. It is not recommended for those who have an oblong formed head and long neck, the height of fade used in this haircut is a maximum that these men can allow to bear.

4. High fade haircut

The fade haircut starts very high, usually in the upper part of the head or on the level of eyes. It looks more brutal than other fade haircuts and it suits perfectly for men wearing beards. Earlier this kind of fade haircuts was very liked by punks and hard rock musicians, nowadays we can see that different person like it. If you want to look cool and special, this kind of fade suits you.

fade haircut

What is a skin fade haircut and its types

The skin fade haircut means that part of your head is left absolutely naked, i.e. the hair near the neck and whiskers are shaved very smoothly. This haircut is good for use with all types of the fades mentioned above. It suits perfectly for people living in warm places, but this kind of haircut has a disadvantage: it is necessary to update it when your hair grows enough to look great.

All fades are skin fade haircuts or not?

Certainly no. You have no necessity to leave a piece of your head absolutely naked to achieve a fade haircut. Many men prefer to leave some hair length on the whole surface of their heads. Choosing a skin fade haircut it is possible to achieve more tangible effect compared to other fade haircuts, which allow you to leave some length everywhere. Also, you must remember that the end result of the haircutting is dependable from your kind of hair — their thickness and colour. So, it’s up to you which kind of fade to choose.


Messi haircut – how to make yourself such a haircut

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Messi Haircut like many fans of Lionel Messi and just fans of soccer. Leo Messi is the last person you could see advertising underwear or showing off his body, but it doesn’t mean he’s content with his appearance all the time. In fact, he changed as much hairstyles as Ronaldo did, although now this rush seems to be over, and Messi is happy wearing a classic haircut and a beard – a La Messi haircut. Let’s be honest about him not intending to follow the latest hair fashion, but he’s looking for something that makes him comfortable in his own skin, and we all should learn from that. Even if the haircut is neat and simple, still it can do wonders to your self-esteem.

Credits: Twitter

How Is It Called?

This hairstyle is nothing out of ordinary with back and sides kept short, whereas the length around the top is widening to lay hair back.

How To Ask For The Lionel Messi Hairstyle

As we always say, don’t risk a good haircut and your money: without illegible words, just show the picture to know that you and your barber talk the same language. But for those wondering, the longest top hair should be from 4 to 5, and cut shorter along the line to the back (2-4). When you lay your hair back, it will need some pillow to lay onto.

messi haircut


How To Care For The Lionel Messi Haircut

You need to know how to use a dryer if you want to keep this hair at its best. Not only the dryer adds the volume, but it shapes the hairstyle in a way that attracts no wry glances. For a final touch, add a pomatum or a paste. Although, Messi isn’t very about this feature, as his hair always looks natural. So, if he’s your father figure, take it slow with your hair glow and don’t rush.


Conor McGregor Hairсut – What is the haircut? How to Hairstyle?

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Many men would like to have conor mcgregor haircut. You can’t argue the manhood of Conor McGregor, even though sometimes the hipe around his fights doesn’t please certain human beings. Even so, he is a champion indeed. Not only on a squared ring, but also in his looks, even though people don’t pay much attention to his hairstyle. And, if you ask us, they should.

What is the Conor McGregor hairstyle called?

Conor McGregor neither settles on one hairstyle, nor comes out every time with something new. His walking-out haircuts are a simple buzz cut and a simple part manipulating, making it disappear in his hair. They are always cut short in the back and on the sides, and fade is held on an ultimately high level.

What should I ask my barber for?

1. Zero fade side parting

If you want your hair as short as the boxer’s, go for zero fade both on sides and back. To shape your part better. ask for a razored line to divide your hair. Leave some length at 1-2 if Conor’s variant isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. The top should be longer, but not too long: there should be enough hair to maintain the fringe differently.

2. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is the simplest hairstyle you can ever imply to your hair, as it requires no peculiar job to do at all. It’s enough to go over the hair with a clipper with 1-2 grade. But, to make sure the final result is perfect, show the picture of a desired cut: barbers aren’t magicians and can’t read your thoughts!

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How to take care of the Conor McGregor haircut

The buzzcut doesn’t really require lots of care of your hair, so it’s the easiest variant to wear casually just like it is. But the side parting, otherwise, requires your constant care, which means you’ll need to use a paste of a high glow and a high hold to keep your hair styled.

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And Conor McGregor’s beard?

The length of his beard is medium: not too long, not too short, but is kept at a very scruffy look. There is not even a notion that a public person of Conor’s level doesn’t follow his look, but his beard is still not as slick as some are! Also, cheek hair look a little bit faded, not to steal attention from the haircut. And the beard line goes all the way along the neck.

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9 Most Wanted mens haircuts from 2018

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During the course of time, more and more men understand that following the fashion isn’t always a good idea. But experiments, even radical, are indeed. What mens haircuts 2018 have become the most popular and in-demand in the USA hairdressing salons? Fade hairstyle got a few positions of his back: now we see more and more cases with different haircuts reworked to have a touch of fade it. Let’s have a look at what men’s haircuts were up to this year – perhaps you can find the perfect style of your own?


This variant hit the barbershops in late 2016-2018, and you can see why! When back fades got in trend, it meant this hairstyle can easily become even sexier than it is. What’s even better is that you don’t need much hair care product to take care of it, as it looks natural and perfect as it is!


You might say this is quite old-fashioned, but we will argue: laying your hair to one side can never be too old! It’s the classical hairstyle from 40s, so it was proven through the years to fit almost anyone. To rock it in 2018, add something modern: fade or razored lines will do.

To get it glow, use a pomatum.


If your long hair need some kind of reload, pay attention to this variant. Your length is kept at the top, so you have the opportunity to play around with your hair, but the fade circles around your back and sides to add some glow.



Razoring a line on your head is a kind of remastering old but good side parting. Having an obvious dividing line on your head makes any desired style achieved easier, as you know clearly where is your top hair part and sides part.



If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your long hair, this is the opportunity not to! The hair on top are a little bit longer than at every other part of your head, which leaves a little room for fantasies and thoughts on how this hairstyle will look, should you go for a shorter cut… but if you don’t, you’d still rock!



Leaving your part at a low level is surprisingly appealing for lots of gents out there. Not for everyone, truly, but for the ones who aren’t scared of looking a little bit different from their usual look. Just like with a hard part, it’s done with a razor, but with an approach closer to the modern styles.



We are used to massive hairstyles when it comes to the Africans, but here’s the deal: they can wear their hair as stylish as they want (and here’s the proof). Fade is only around 0-1 and looks quite neat. This even leaves some room for a hard part!



If you aren’t scared of looking at new-yourself in the mirror, here’s an idea for you: dye your hair! Dye it into something completely extra-ordinary – bright pink or yellow-green. The classical variant, though, is simply bleaching your hair.



Fade is an ongoing trend indeed, so if you crave that idea even with short cut hair, go for it. You can add a tinsy drop of fade (from 0 to 1) to your back and sides, leaving top as it is. Believe us, this will be nuts on any hairstyle!

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Some tips on how to get the new Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok haircut

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A famous movie Thor, having come out recently, Thor Ragnarok, demonstrates extreme changes in Chris Hemsworth haircut: remarkable long curls, greatly resembling Jesus, which we were accustomed to, transforms into a far shorter haircut.

No matter how you adored the previous version, a huge amount of cosplays may be found in Instagram, including in a famous Comic con, an international festival; and what your opinion about a new one, obviously, this easy-to-get haircut may become quite popular in 2018.

(If you are interested, we will recommend our readers several products as our Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to attain such look).

Well, how exactly does Chris Hemsworth haircut look in this Thor movie? Being absolutely sure in many attempts to replicate it we advise you ways to prevent usual mistakes, describing it in the barber’s shop are there?

What is, in fact, the new Thor Ragnarok haircut?

Although the name of the new Thor haircut is known – a textured crop, you definitely shouldn’t be stuck on an actual name of cuts, because each of them consists of a great number of variations, so you will simply end up complaining about the outcome and misunderstanding.

Therefore, the sides of his haircut look relatively short, but it does not cover a huge surface area because some length is necessary to set it correctly.

The structure plays the main part on the top, it is not supposed to be smooth and combed, but rather natural “right out of the bed”, even with a hint of a rebel-like style. And it won’t work with ultra straight hair at all, then your barber would have to take a little more effort in gaining necessary texture, so you, in turn, will spend considerably less time in front of the mirror in the morning or even nothing at all to bewilder everyone with your look.

What to ask my barber for in order to get the Thor Ragnarok haircut?

In order to replicate Chris Hemsworth haircut, in a barber’s shop ask to leave about 3-4 on the back and sides, whereas the most optimal length on the top would be about 1,5-2 inches. As the texture mostly matters in such haircuts, your barber would probably use special scissors.

To reach the desired effect of messy hair, leave a bit longer in the front, for you would be able to set a complete disorder on your head, as you wish, to resemble Thor Ragnarok haircut even more.

How to style in regular life the new Thor Ragnarok hairstyle?

‌In general, it is quite easy to replicate this haircut, as you see. If you are lucky enough to get to a professional barber and your haircut perfectly matches the original, it will all depend on your preferences, capabilities and desire to set it.

‌We know the men will not spend hours to set their hair, so there are some tools for your backup to minimize waste of time, such as a natural sea salt spray, use it during drying your hair. It will help you to get rid of an extra fluffiness, however, to avoid a greasy hair effect you better finish the hairstyle with a matte product such as the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay.

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How To Cut Hair Like Jax Teller

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Winter winds are getting closer and closer, which means we are approaching the season of longer hairstyles to keep you warm. Among many variants we can offer you, the one that really caught our attention was Jax Teller portrayed by Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy. So here’s your lowdown on one of the most iconic hairstyles of our TV industry.

How Is Jax Teller’s Haircut Named?

This hairstyle is nothing more than a simple bob, laid back to finish a neat look.

What To Say To Your Barber

Good service requires good description, which means, that if it comes from you, it should be as perfect as possible. If you don’t know for sure how to name it, then simply show an image. Or ask for a bob with a length enough to tuck behind your ears. The back itself should stay textured, and there should be enough hair on a top of your head. By the way, adding a skin-colored faded stripe around your whiskers will add more off a modern look to this hairstyle.

How Does Jax Teller Style His Hair?

To lay hair back and make them shine, you can use a high-shining pomatum. It can be even made from water, contributing to a perfect biker-looking style.

How To Grow Jax Teller Hair Out?

We don’t know whether it’s good news for you or bad, but hair like these don’t just grow themselves. You need to be patient and tolerant to all the possible obstacles. If it’s not what your heart desires, stop before you start this job: once your hair get messy and massive, you will rue the day you wanted them to be that long!

The best hint would be to consult your hairdresser. These visits must already be a usual thing for you, even if you’re not planning having your hair cut in the nearest time. Your hairdresser should become your closest person – or at least the closest to your hair. Not only will he show you the best way to grow your hair out, but will help you to resolve any problems, if there are some.

How Long Is Jax Teller’s Hair?

This hair should be long, for you will need them both to tuck behind your ears and to gel them on your top. So, let’s say, grow them little down your chin, somewhat medium from 7 to 8 inches. This should be enough to rock it.

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How To Cut Your Hair Gordon Hayward Style

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After routing in the direction of more content n hair and beards styling, we got numerous requests on who else we should look at and present a full account on. And Gordon Hayward was one of the most wanted items on the list.

You may know him as a basketball player, but barbers all over the world only talk about the way he’s styling his hair… well, was styling before. See, while this article was on the stocks, Gordon decided to have a makeover due to his Boston move. Two are better than one, so we are going to enlighten you on both of his hairstyles you can choose from!

We spoke with both hairdressers who worked with Gordon in Utah and Boston and we can share the lowdown now!

 What is Gordon Hayward usual haircut exactly?

The basketball player wears a pompadour with a divided hairline. It’s disconnected on one side of the head and mixes up on the opposite. There is also a bold contour dividing the haircut top and the razored area, giving the hairstyle this topped look.

What To Say In A Barber Shop?

The hair length around a forehead is perfect from 3 to 5, cut shorter along the hairline up to the top of a head. The sides fade is medium, around 1-2.

Pay attention on hair part, whether it’s right or left, as you should consider how hair will lay once you finish your work. The final look also depends on a whorl’s direction and its appearance. It affects the side of further styling and the place of a line dividing the hard part and the haircut itself, as well as the blend area. Adding some texture will essentially make further styling easier.

Gordon Hayward haircut

Photo Credit: @nasty_nate_the_barber

Styling the Gordon Hayward haircut

  1. Put one drop of a hair care product and wet your hair, damping the liquid carefully in your hair, reaching your skin for a stronger effect.
  2. Use hair dryer and a brush to style your hair the way you want with a volume you want. This method gives your hair strength and life power, and also makes them look alluring.
  3. For a final touch on your haircut, put one more drop in your hair. Try to spread the moisture as equally on both sides as you can. Then use your own hands to make the hairstyle look the way you want it to. The awaited result is hair lying naturally in the place they need to be, whether it’s right or left.

Anything else people should know about?

To make this hairstyle look perfect, remember that it all depends on the skills of your barber. Your hair will become your worst enemy if not cut perfectly. The worst thing to do is to razor some areas to a number one, or make them look different, as it makes your hair eclectic in the worst sense of the word.

Gordon Hayward’s New Hairstyle

After changing his workplace to Boston, Gordon Hayward wiped the slate clean in everything, including his haircut. It slightly changed, so we decided to find out how exactly it was done.

Gordon Hayward

Photo Credit: @nicoleireneb on Instagram

What is the new Gordon Hayward hairstyle?

Now Gordon gels his hair to the back, not to the right or left side. There is a skin-colored taper on his neck and a zero taper on his right and his left that blend in with the beard. The height is a bit more than average, approaching to a fade 3, which makes a bigger volume at the top of a head. With this, the longer hair will lay in the place. A dryer was used to add more length, height and a visual volume.

Anyway, to make sure you don’t confuse any of these technical terms, better take a picture of a desired hairstyle with you and show it to your barber. Once you do that, you can be sure that you get that very hairstyle you need in your life.

How to take care of the new Gordon Hayward haircut?

Gordon asked for something strong, so barbers recommended him using a mineral wax and matte pomatum, but, if it works for Gordon, it doesn’t mean it would work for your hair as well, as hair differs from human to human, and it has individual needs! Consult your own barber if necessary.

How To Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo on WC 2018

2018-09-04 • Under: Brutality, Haircut, Men's style


    To put all the haters to dust, Cristiano Ronaldo started his World Cup 2018 campaign with a hat-trick against Spain NT. His team didn’t make it very far, though. But, apart from his goals scored, he surprised the community and his fans with a new hairstyle – short hair he already rocked before. We know you can get tired of countless Ronaldo’s hair talks, but this one is worth mentioning. And now you can get the same hairstyle – read further to know how!


What Is The New Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut?

The hairstyle Ronaldo was wearing is a mix of a buzz and crew cuts with a razored high hard part.

Photo Credit: adsbuzz

What To Say To Your Hairdresser

Not to risk anything, we recommend you to show the image to your hairdresser, so he would know what exactly do you want to get and what to do with your hair. Still, this hairstyle requires number 2 both on the sides and back. One of Ronaldo’s best assessments that contributes to his look is his dark hair, but, if you have a fairer shade, you may also have your hair cut longer than Ronaldo does to achieve this look.


The hair on top is a little longer to have something to style and transform the haircut (which makes it not accurately buzz). And then, the razor put stretches along the top.

How To Take Care Of The Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle

When Ronaldo poses for a camera along his matches, his hair shine and glow, which makes the impression of it being just-washed. The effect doesn’t require exceptional light, though. To get it, we advise you to use a shine hair cream or water pomatum.


Who else from the world of celebrities makes exclusive haircuts.