What is a fade haircut? All you need to know about basic fade haircuts

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This type of haircut – fade haircut, was born in the middle of 20th century in the US army and then it was continued by Hispanics, African-Americans, and in the sixties by punks, who show their protest to society using this type of haircut. After that, for some time this type of haircut wasn’t very frequently used and we can see this type of haircut again only in the nineties in Forrest Gamp television series and others.

Recently this type of haircut wasn’t so acceptable at work and was at the edge, but it became very popular after the appearance of David Beckham on the soccer game with a fade haircut. Many men continued this trend after that game. Nowadays men wear fade haircut with different hair types and it looks fine with a wide range of fashion styles. Sometimes you can see people on the streets of your city with different kind of fades, with almost shaved whiskers or the back or with length. There are so many kinds of a fade haircut, that it becomes difficult to explain your haircutter your desires.

This article was written to help you to do the right choice of haircut.

So, what is the fade haircut?

All the hair in fade haircut has different lengths, usually, it is shorter behind and near the ears and longer on the topside. The length of the hair in fade haircut decreases gradually, forming beautiful gradations of colour. With this kind of haircut, it is possible to emphasize the form of your skull and jawline, change visually the line of the forehead using long length and to elongate your face. Also, you’ll be able to underline individuality and attract attention to your style using a fade haircut, but it is necessary to make a choice with care.

If you choose this type of haircut, it is desirable to pay attention to a few things. The first one is that if you are a blond, it will be more difficult to achieve the desired effect because the fade is not very noticeable on the light hair. So for best result, you have to play with the color of the fade haircut. The second one: you must pay attention to your skull type and face. This haircut type looks better with oval faces and not so good for square and round ones. It will be great to advise with your haircutter to choose more suitable haircut. At last the third reason: this type of haircut is connected with the necessity to use the fan and gel for styling your hair, but it’s the minor thing on your way of creating your own style, isn’t it?

What are the existing different types of a fade haircut?

Now mainly in use are few basic kinds of a fade haircut and the main distinction is the length of the hair and the height where fade to start. First of them – taper fade haircut and low fade haircut — bring fewer changes, others are most radical.

Also, you can play with symmetry and use some drawings on the sides, that can help you to achieve the more interesting effect and attracts more attention to your appearance.

In our article, we tell you about the main types of fades.

1. Taper fade haircut

Using this kind of the fade haircut usually allows saving more hair length than with other kinds of fade. The gradation of length in this haircut is oriented in parallel with neckline and whiskers, and it is smoother and less notable than in other kinds of fades haircut. If you’re going to make your first haircut like this, we recommend you to start with this kind, because it allows you to do a more familiar style.

2. Low fade haircut

This kind of haircut has more notable slope than in the previous variation. The length is gradually changing, so the hair can vanish beneath of the head in this kind of fade haircut. It looks brighter with the skin naked because the lower part near the neck in this fade haircut is absolutely naked.

3. Medium fade haircut

This type of fade haircut usually starts at the level of the nose and strongly accents form of the head and chiselled jawline, it is important to choose this kind of haircut with more caution. It is not recommended for those who have an oblong formed head and long neck, the height of fade used in this haircut is a maximum that these men can allow to bear.

4. High fade haircut

The fade haircut starts very high, usually in the upper part of the head or on the level of eyes. It looks more brutal than other fade haircuts and it suits perfectly for men wearing beards. Earlier this kind of fade haircuts was very liked by punks and hard rock musicians, nowadays we can see that different person like it. If you want to look cool and special, this kind of fade suits you.

fade haircut

What is a skin fade haircut and its types

The skin fade haircut means that part of your head is left absolutely naked, i.e. the hair near the neck and whiskers are shaved very smoothly. This haircut is good for use with all types of the fades mentioned above. It suits perfectly for people living in warm places, but this kind of haircut has a disadvantage: it is necessary to update it when your hair grows enough to look great.

All fades are skin fade haircuts or not?

Certainly no. You have no necessity to leave a piece of your head absolutely naked to achieve a fade haircut. Many men prefer to leave some hair length on the whole surface of their heads. Choosing a skin fade haircut it is possible to achieve more tangible effect compared to other fade haircuts, which allow you to leave some length everywhere. Also, you must remember that the end result of the haircutting is dependable from your kind of hair — their thickness and colour. So, it’s up to you which kind of fade to choose.


Conor McGregor Hairсut – What is the haircut? How to Hairstyle?

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Many men would like to have conor mcgregor haircut. You can’t argue the manhood of Conor McGregor, even though sometimes the hipe around his fights doesn’t please certain human beings. Even so, he is a champion indeed. Not only on a squared ring, but also in his looks, even though people don’t pay much attention to his hairstyle. And, if you ask us, they should.

What is the Conor McGregor hairstyle called?

Conor McGregor neither settles on one hairstyle, nor comes out every time with something new. His walking-out haircuts are a simple buzz cut and a simple part manipulating, making it disappear in his hair. They are always cut short in the back and on the sides, and fade is held on an ultimately high level.

What should I ask my barber for?

1. Zero fade side parting

If you want your hair as short as the boxer’s, go for zero fade both on sides and back. To shape your part better. ask for a razored line to divide your hair. Leave some length at 1-2 if Conor’s variant isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. The top should be longer, but not too long: there should be enough hair to maintain the fringe differently.

2. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is the simplest hairstyle you can ever imply to your hair, as it requires no peculiar job to do at all. It’s enough to go over the hair with a clipper with 1-2 grade. But, to make sure the final result is perfect, show the picture of a desired cut: barbers aren’t magicians and can’t read your thoughts!

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How to take care of the Conor McGregor haircut

The buzzcut doesn’t really require lots of care of your hair, so it’s the easiest variant to wear casually just like it is. But the side parting, otherwise, requires your constant care, which means you’ll need to use a paste of a high glow and a high hold to keep your hair styled.

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And Conor McGregor’s beard?

The length of his beard is medium: not too long, not too short, but is kept at a very scruffy look. There is not even a notion that a public person of Conor’s level doesn’t follow his look, but his beard is still not as slick as some are! Also, cheek hair look a little bit faded, not to steal attention from the haircut. And the beard line goes all the way along the neck.

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Hairstyles and haircuts of all famous Hollywood people

9 Most Wanted mens haircuts from 2018

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During the course of time, more and more men understand that following the fashion isn’t always a good idea. But experiments, even radical, are indeed. What mens haircuts 2018 have become the most popular and in-demand in the USA hairdressing salons? Fade hairstyle got a few positions of his back: now we see more and more cases with different haircuts reworked to have a touch of fade it. Let’s have a look at what men’s haircuts were up to this year – perhaps you can find the perfect style of your own?


This variant hit the barbershops in late 2016-2018, and you can see why! When back fades got in trend, it meant this hairstyle can easily become even sexier than it is. What’s even better is that you don’t need much hair care product to take care of it, as it looks natural and perfect as it is!


You might say this is quite old-fashioned, but we will argue: laying your hair to one side can never be too old! It’s the classical hairstyle from 40s, so it was proven through the years to fit almost anyone. To rock it in 2018, add something modern: fade or razored lines will do.

To get it glow, use a pomatum.


If your long hair need some kind of reload, pay attention to this variant. Your length is kept at the top, so you have the opportunity to play around with your hair, but the fade circles around your back and sides to add some glow.



Razoring a line on your head is a kind of remastering old but good side parting. Having an obvious dividing line on your head makes any desired style achieved easier, as you know clearly where is your top hair part and sides part.



If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your long hair, this is the opportunity not to! The hair on top are a little bit longer than at every other part of your head, which leaves a little room for fantasies and thoughts on how this hairstyle will look, should you go for a shorter cut… but if you don’t, you’d still rock!



Leaving your part at a low level is surprisingly appealing for lots of gents out there. Not for everyone, truly, but for the ones who aren’t scared of looking a little bit different from their usual look. Just like with a hard part, it’s done with a razor, but with an approach closer to the modern styles.



We are used to massive hairstyles when it comes to the Africans, but here’s the deal: they can wear their hair as stylish as they want (and here’s the proof). Fade is only around 0-1 and looks quite neat. This even leaves some room for a hard part!



If you aren’t scared of looking at new-yourself in the mirror, here’s an idea for you: dye your hair! Dye it into something completely extra-ordinary – bright pink or yellow-green. The classical variant, though, is simply bleaching your hair.



Fade is an ongoing trend indeed, so if you crave that idea even with short cut hair, go for it. You can add a tinsy drop of fade (from 0 to 1) to your back and sides, leaving top as it is. Believe us, this will be nuts on any hairstyle!

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