Lionel Messi Signature Cut | World Cup 2018 Hairstyle

2019-12-06 • Under: Men's style


Lionel Messi Signature Cut | World Cup 2018 Hairstyle

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Some tips on how to get the new Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok haircut

2018-09-09 • Under: Brutality, Haircut, Men's style


A famous movie Thor, having come out recently, Thor Ragnarok, demonstrates extreme changes in Chris Hemsworth haircut: remarkable long curls, greatly resembling Jesus, which we were accustomed to, transforms into a far shorter haircut.

No matter how you adored the previous version, a huge amount of cosplays may be found in Instagram, including in a famous Comic con, an international festival; and what your opinion about a new one, obviously, this easy-to-get haircut may become quite popular in 2018.

(If you are interested, we will recommend our readers several products as our Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to attain such look).

Well, how exactly does Chris Hemsworth haircut look in this Thor movie? Being absolutely sure in many attempts to replicate it we advise you ways to prevent usual mistakes, describing it in the barber’s shop are there?

What is, in fact, the new Thor Ragnarok haircut?

Although the name of the new Thor haircut is known – a textured crop, you definitely shouldn’t be stuck on an actual name of cuts, because each of them consists of a great number of variations, so you will simply end up complaining about the outcome and misunderstanding.

Therefore, the sides of his haircut look relatively short, but it does not cover a huge surface area because some length is necessary to set it correctly.

The structure plays the main part on the top, it is not supposed to be smooth and combed, but rather natural “right out of the bed”, even with a hint of a rebel-like style. And it won’t work with ultra straight hair at all, then your barber would have to take a little more effort in gaining necessary texture, so you, in turn, will spend considerably less time in front of the mirror in the morning or even nothing at all to bewilder everyone with your look.

What to ask my barber for in order to get the Thor Ragnarok haircut?

In order to replicate Chris Hemsworth haircut, in a barber’s shop ask to leave about 3-4 on the back and sides, whereas the most optimal length on the top would be about 1,5-2 inches. As the texture mostly matters in such haircuts, your barber would probably use special scissors.

To reach the desired effect of messy hair, leave a bit longer in the front, for you would be able to set a complete disorder on your head, as you wish, to resemble Thor Ragnarok haircut even more.

How to style in regular life the new Thor Ragnarok hairstyle?

‌In general, it is quite easy to replicate this haircut, as you see. If you are lucky enough to get to a professional barber and your haircut perfectly matches the original, it will all depend on your preferences, capabilities and desire to set it.

‌We know the men will not spend hours to set their hair, so there are some tools for your backup to minimize waste of time, such as a natural sea salt spray, use it during drying your hair. It will help you to get rid of an extra fluffiness, however, to avoid a greasy hair effect you better finish the hairstyle with a matte product such as the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay.

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How To Cut Your Hair Gordon Hayward Style

2018-09-06 • Under: Haircut, Men's style, Menshaircut


After routing in the direction of more content n hair and beards styling, we got numerous requests on who else we should look at and present a full account on. And Gordon Hayward was one of the most wanted items on the list.

You may know him as a basketball player, but barbers all over the world only talk about the way he’s styling his hair… well, was styling before. See, while this article was on the stocks, Gordon decided to have a makeover due to his Boston move. Two are better than one, so we are going to enlighten you on both of his hairstyles you can choose from!

We spoke with both hairdressers who worked with Gordon in Utah and Boston and we can share the lowdown now!

 What is Gordon Hayward usual haircut exactly?

The basketball player wears a pompadour with a divided hairline. It’s disconnected on one side of the head and mixes up on the opposite. There is also a bold contour dividing the haircut top and the razored area, giving the hairstyle this topped look.

What To Say In A Barber Shop?

The hair length around a forehead is perfect from 3 to 5, cut shorter along the hairline up to the top of a head. The sides fade is medium, around 1-2.

Pay attention on hair part, whether it’s right or left, as you should consider how hair will lay once you finish your work. The final look also depends on a whorl’s direction and its appearance. It affects the side of further styling and the place of a line dividing the hard part and the haircut itself, as well as the blend area. Adding some texture will essentially make further styling easier.

Gordon Hayward haircut

Photo Credit: @nasty_nate_the_barber

Styling the Gordon Hayward haircut

  1. Put one drop of a hair care product and wet your hair, damping the liquid carefully in your hair, reaching your skin for a stronger effect.
  2. Use hair dryer and a brush to style your hair the way you want with a volume you want. This method gives your hair strength and life power, and also makes them look alluring.
  3. For a final touch on your haircut, put one more drop in your hair. Try to spread the moisture as equally on both sides as you can. Then use your own hands to make the hairstyle look the way you want it to. The awaited result is hair lying naturally in the place they need to be, whether it’s right or left.

Anything else people should know about?

To make this hairstyle look perfect, remember that it all depends on the skills of your barber. Your hair will become your worst enemy if not cut perfectly. The worst thing to do is to razor some areas to a number one, or make them look different, as it makes your hair eclectic in the worst sense of the word.

Gordon Hayward’s New Hairstyle

After changing his workplace to Boston, Gordon Hayward wiped the slate clean in everything, including his haircut. It slightly changed, so we decided to find out how exactly it was done.

Gordon Hayward

Photo Credit: @nicoleireneb on Instagram

What is the new Gordon Hayward hairstyle?

Now Gordon gels his hair to the back, not to the right or left side. There is a skin-colored taper on his neck and a zero taper on his right and his left that blend in with the beard. The height is a bit more than average, approaching to a fade 3, which makes a bigger volume at the top of a head. With this, the longer hair will lay in the place. A dryer was used to add more length, height and a visual volume.

Anyway, to make sure you don’t confuse any of these technical terms, better take a picture of a desired hairstyle with you and show it to your barber. Once you do that, you can be sure that you get that very hairstyle you need in your life.

How to take care of the new Gordon Hayward haircut?

Gordon asked for something strong, so barbers recommended him using a mineral wax and matte pomatum, but, if it works for Gordon, it doesn’t mean it would work for your hair as well, as hair differs from human to human, and it has individual needs! Consult your own barber if necessary.

How To Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo on WC 2018

2018-09-04 • Under: Brutality, Haircut, Men's style


    To put all the haters to dust, Cristiano Ronaldo started his World Cup 2018 campaign with a hat-trick against Spain NT. His team didn’t make it very far, though. But, apart from his goals scored, he surprised the community and his fans with a new hairstyle – short hair he already rocked before. We know you can get tired of countless Ronaldo’s hair talks, but this one is worth mentioning. And now you can get the same hairstyle – read further to know how!


What Is The New Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut?

The hairstyle Ronaldo was wearing is a mix of a buzz and crew cuts with a razored high hard part.

Photo Credit: adsbuzz

What To Say To Your Hairdresser

Not to risk anything, we recommend you to show the image to your hairdresser, so he would know what exactly do you want to get and what to do with your hair. Still, this hairstyle requires number 2 both on the sides and back. One of Ronaldo’s best assessments that contributes to his look is his dark hair, but, if you have a fairer shade, you may also have your hair cut longer than Ronaldo does to achieve this look.


The hair on top is a little longer to have something to style and transform the haircut (which makes it not accurately buzz). And then, the razor put stretches along the top.

How To Take Care Of The Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle

When Ronaldo poses for a camera along his matches, his hair shine and glow, which makes the impression of it being just-washed. The effect doesn’t require exceptional light, though. To get it, we advise you to use a shine hair cream or water pomatum.


Who else from the world of celebrities makes exclusive haircuts.


How To Get The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Haircut: full instruction

2018-09-04 • Under: Charism, Haircut, Men's style


The movie “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds was released by 20th Century Fox.

Marvel Entertainment more than one year ago for this moment. However, the hairstyle of Deadpool acted by Ryan Reynolds has perhaps never been more important and popular as it is now because of the increasing popularity of this movie.

A great amount of men now is changing their long hair to short hair. The modern men’s haircuts become much more comfortable and amenable for wearing. For example, such hairstyles are buzz cuts and crops. Luckily, the Deadpool haircut is easy to create for everyone and is a wonderful variant for those who like this kind of haircuts.

By the way, at the time we mentioned the Wade Wilson’s haircut, we did not want to talk about the avocado making love to another even more repulsive avocado haircut, we wanted to remind you of the same Ryan Reynolds haircut that is at the beginning of the movie!

(In order to arrange this hairstyle we suggest to use different products, for instance, our Regal Gentleman Matte Clay)

Now we will tell our readers how they can easily create the haircut that Ryan Reynolds was wearing when he was starring as Deadpool.

What does the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut look like?

The hairstyle of Deadpool character is high & tight. At the same time, the back of the hairstyle is very short. There is not very long hair on both sides as well. This is sort of a half cross and looks like a crop.

A lot of texture is also created on the top of the Ryan Reynolds’ head to make the hair look sloppy and spontaneous.

How is it better to ask your barber to make the Deadpool haircut?

Our team constantly recommends the following: just show your hairdresser the photograph. It will be simpler for you and especially for him. Do not hesitate to do that!

However, just for you to be aware of how to describe this haircut. It is about 0.5-1 mm on both sides of the head and on the back of it. It is also made very high and tight. Moreover, on top, there is about an inch of hair left, and sort of texture is added to it.

You may combine the top with a gentle fade on the back & sides as well if you wish to put something unique in this haircut.

How to make the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut?

The good thing about this haircut is the fact that it takes very little time to put it in order in the morning. You can very simply manage with it by just getting out of your bed, and your hair is right after the sleep and you go outside!

However, if you do really wish to try to arrange the hair, then you could take a little drop of the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or the paste. You really wish to ensure that the hairstyle is flat and messy to make it look like the hairstyle of Ryan Reynolds.


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