Top 3 New Hairstyles for Men’s 2019! Men’s Haircuts Trend!

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Hello everyone, now we’ll talk about men’s hairstyles, which becoming more popular which are comfortable which set you apart from this large mass of groomed guys. So, they drove. The first hairstyle I would recommend to you and tell about it – this is the side part. Hairstyle like me, but there are various options side part.

It is done very simply. This is when you have a neat parting, when you comb your hair on the side.

You, respectively, on the sides are short, and gradually the hair is lengthened. Such a checkmark, letter V. This is called the side part. Again, there are a lot of varieties of the side part, but the general neatly. In general, men should always have everything neatly. There is another variation of the side part – this is when you comb hair a little back.

Also very cool, stylish, looks beautiful.

But it happens corny hair so do not go. To find your own, and if you like to comb your hair side, then experiment.

Do it differently. Go to the hairdresser, ask you to made. Or before doing this, experiment at home with a comb, gel, varnish. By the way, about individual hair care products.

Well, we move on. After the side part, the next thing that is gaining momentum is Canada.

Yes, good old Canadian, she is stylish at all times. But I will not only talk about the hairstyle “Canadian”, but about what else to add and what has become popular in In 2016 and, of course, 1 it all passed into 2017.

I think it will also be fashionable in 2018.

To begin with – Canadian happens in this version, it happens in this design.

Again, as you like, each person has his own specificity.

As a rule, as you were cut in childhood, such a hairstyle It suits you. The only thing left to add is combs, special means, maybe a hairdryer and then you will make a hairstyle of your dreams. Yes and not without the help of a hairdresser. But there are still additional elements. Let’s say this is such an element as a shaved parting. You may notice that my parting is also shaved, but I already have it a little overgrown.

Again, when you come to the hairdresser, the most important thing ask him to make a thin strip. To get started, look where your parting is located. Because they will make you more up, or more sideways, believe me, the hairstyle will depend on it very much.

Also now it has become fashionable to create a special contour, that is, do a certain edging, and do it in the form, well, not that of the figures, but with any sharp corners. It can be whiskey, sides, beard.

And by the way, the next thing I’d like to go to is various combinations of your hairstyle with a beard. When both a hairstyle and a beard – you cut them together and they are both well-groomed, then it looks very cool.

You will be simply irresistible. with different edging, make different shapes. Here, for example, my hair grows badly on the sides.

So I make a beard, I do the trim in this way. Someone’s whiskey turns into a beard and then you do neat edging and it all goes with you into the beard.

Also looks very cool.

There is no single rule, there is your hair type and how is your hair on the head and face grow.

Therefore, adapt to your specifics. it doesn’t grow here. Adapt to this situation and you will be comfortable.

And of course, a hairstyle for all time is boxing or half box. Especially now the summer is coming, more precisely, it has already come. Of course, short hairstyles are relevant. More and more young people, I see, are starting to get their hair cut, really short. When you cut your hair short and even if your hair do not fit anywhere, now, again, very stylishly, when you do some strip, parting.

There are people who even cut their own contours hair that is in front, which supposedly interfere, and bad industry. They, too, are sheared. Thus make special pointed corners, and the hairstyle a certain figure is formed, a certain format, which emphasizes the individuality of this particular man.

But in such hairstyles there is a minus. If you are doing boxing or semi-boxing, if it’s some kind of short hairstyle, minus the fact that here you need a very carefully monitor the hairstyle.

Because if the hair grows, let’s say, here you cut your hair, you have branch hair, it looks ugly.

We must go to the hairdresser in two weeks so that he you trimmed everything again, or do it yourself.

The same thing if you cut yourself some corners and do special edging if you cut this corner, so there was such a transition from corner to parting. Therefore, friends, self-care must have.

Once again, friends. This is the side part in different variations. Secondly – this is Canadian, you can do parting, cut, make some shapes. Further combination with a beard.

Hairstyle and beard – we must take care in parallel together and adapt to your hair type.

The third is boxing or semi-boxing.

This is a short haircut, where you can also cut, do a certain figure hairstyle, pointed corners, etc.

Let’s see how to grow out long hair past the awkward stage for men

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Men in the modern world increasingly need to change the usual image. This applies not only to the costume, accessories, shoes. Many people need to change their hair. Someone may do it on their own, and in the world of cinema a certain hairstyle can be a distinctive feature of the hero of the film

It could choose a short or long haircut. In the video, Joseff is looking for an opportunity to make a hairstyle in the style of the hero of the film Sons of Anarchy. At first glance, it may seem that such styling can achieve only long hair men. In fact, this is a fairly common misconception. Those who want to achieve the possibility of such styling begin to grow hair.

In most cases, there is not enough patience to grow the long hair for men. Joseff’s hair length is medium. In this video, the stylist convinces that for hairstyles in the style of the hero of the Sons of anarchy does not require long hair, as the actor.

Few are able to grow hair for a long time. It requires their constant lying, which takes time is the most precious resource in our world.

If a long hair men have the desire or need to grow his hair more, we hasten to assure you that it does not require excessive effort, a long time and a certain length of hair. Styling characteristic of sufficiently long hair haircuts can be made only with long hair men.

Get comfortable and find out how this can be achieved. Do not forget that a stylist will tell you

Watching the video is recommended for those who can’t withstand growing hair to the required length and are ready not to give up and cut short.

Let’s see how to achieve this goal.

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Irishman Conor McGregor is a two-division champion for MMA and UFC featherweight and lightweight titles respectively, master in mixed martial arts.

He, of course, had suffered some defeats during his fighting career. But like a Phoenix, he had reborn and again became the first. He is not only a fighter and a winner, also outside the ring and gym McGregor is an icon of style and grooming. And Conor McGregor beard becomes a trademark of style.

A lot of men would like to look as manly and as stylish as McGregor, who gained fame thanks to his remarkable beard. At all times beard is considered to be a sign of masculinity. But not every bearded man is to be considered as an example to follow up. Do you want to have a beard? Would you grow it up the same way as McGregor does?

I think your answer is negative.

Of course! Every person is unique; therefore, the beard grows by its unique way. No one can change metabolic processes within the human body. That’s why each person’s beard grows in its own way.

If you want your beard to be longer or fuller be patient and persistent in raising it. Willing obtain a beard of the same type as Conor McGregor beard may require more time and more efforts from you.

Any product which claims to be a wonderful remedy to ensure accelerated growth of beard and thickness can be anything but the truth. If you are not gifted with nature to have a luxurious beard it will be hard to believe you’ll grow it.

Due to natural causes, your beard may not look as Conor McGregor beard, but you can improve it using advanced remedies. You may choose a model from among the celebrities, or give it some shape of yours.


You can find many ways to make the beard’s care. At present you have a choice: go to a Barber or find a video on the Internet. This video reveals you some useful techniques. You’ll know different ways to correct beard’s forms and make it be similar to colour McGregor beard. Naturally, you may trim it my own hands. And it depends entirely on you will there be a good result or failure. If you not inclined to risk, best option then would be visiting to the Barber.


Everyone knows how healthy food and reasonable exercises can provide a straight route to physical and mental health. You may be surprised, but a healthy person possesses the beard which grows much better. The vitamin-rich diet and proper balance of fats and carbohydrates give the beard a chance and opportunity to become thicker and more attractive. A new way of life is unlikely to give you a beard as McGregor’s one immediately, but your hair will thank you for helping became healthy.


Want a stylish and gorgeous beard? Then you must start working hard. Many special products are on the market today. They are produced as a help to persons in making their beards healthy and possess a stylish look. We will briefly describe just some of these goods, giving you the opportunity to choose the right ones and enjoy Conor McGregor beard.

Beard oil – was created to nourish beard hair, it also nourishes and moisturizes skin beneath. When the beard itches and the skin under it are dry oil will be the best remedy among others.

Beard shampoo/wash – very useful and pleasant tool. It not only cleans hair on your beard but also makes it softer and gives some shining brilliance to it. After this shampoo, you can feel a sense of freshness and lightness.

Beard balm – is a good treatment. It works as a conditioner restoring split ends of a hair. Hair has a threadlike structure it needs protection and nutrition with vitamins. Beard balm gives it all to your beard and facial hair.

Moustache wax – is an extremely useful tool if you wear a moustache as a decor to the beard. It is very helpful in giving to moustache a playful curl and a stylish shape. A moustache wax applied in the proper way will work a miracle with your moustache and beard. You will start looking masculine, more stylish and neater.

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As we know, Aaron Ramsey is a man who can surprise everyone, and his latest surprise is his new haircut made by Darryn Pitman in the run-up to his important game against famous club Atletico Madrid.

Everyone wants to be just a little alike with such a great sportsman as Aaron, so this article can help with at least look similar to him.

And What Is Exactly The Brand New Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

Well, the haircut is pretty simple. The quiff is very choppy, short, and, what’s important, textured. The back and the sides have a mid-shin shape.

Maybe it reminds you of something? Or maybe someone who used to have a similar haircut? Have thought about David Beckham crossed your mind?

Actually, you are not completely wrong. But there are distinctions between them. For example, Aaron’s is a little shorter and it also has higher fade on the back and sides.

How To Ask Your Barber For The Brand New Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

The easiest way to be a proud owner of this exact hairstyle is, of course, just showing the photo of the result of your hopes to a hairdresser. Just show them any photo of Aaron Ramsey with his pretty haircut. Or, if you like that option more, you can just share this article with them.

But if these options somehow don’t fit you, ask the person in your barbershop make as our instructions recommend. We can promise, they are rather simple even for the beginners, so there will not be any troubles.

The sides:

Obviously, this British sportsman likes it when he has high skin fade on the back and also on the sides.

What did Darryn Pitman do? He tried to make the haircut not to look too rough, that’s why the sides look rather soft. This way the hair will still look good even when it grows faster than you want it to, but fortunately, the next visit to your favourite barbershop can be later than you expect thanks to this little secret.

The top:

The only thing that is important in the top is a rough texture. You can ask your barber to experiment with textures and techniques. Why don’t you suggest them to use texturizing scissors to make the haircut look even choppier? You should definitely try and, we can promise, you will not be disappointed!

What does ‘adding a texture’ even means, actually? Well, it’s rather simple – your hair is cut in a kind of different ways, so its length is not the same. But don’t worry if it sounds like the worst idea ever! You like how it looks on Aaron, right?

How To Style The Brand New Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

This cut is pretty universal and you can try styling it in countless ways and shapes and simply choose which one you like better, but you should be certain that the texture of hair is emphasised and hair has the endings that are natural and matte.

We have prepared three different options of styling, so you can choose which one you like better. So, no more talking.

Option one. After washing your hair try adding a mousse and then just dry as you like. There are much more than two different shapes of styling, you should definitely try and experiment. For a good ending add some special clay or something with a matte effect.

The previous way doesn’t fit? Option two is even simpler, but you should get a Salt Spray. Nowadays the market of the beauty industry is huge and there is a great variety of products, so picking up one is not a problem. You should use it with while the hair is wet and after that just leave it alone for a while (or you can try blowing it dry if you want to). The Salt Spray is excellent for picking up a texture.

The last but not least, option three. Our team highly recommends exactly this one, and the barber also prefers this way of styling. By the way, Aaron Ramsey himself follows next recommendation, so listen carefully! The secret is actually simple. After drying your hair use a matte dust product. Your haircut’s texture will look much better after that. Also, we’ve mentioned this before, but still matte paste or some matte clay won’t harm.

Certainly, everything we’ve mentioned is not the only options and you can surely style differently. Do not be afraid of experiments – even if something doesn’t exactly fit you, it can be useful experience. And you never know! Unexpected things can look really good on you.

The only condition you have to follow with this cut is a matte finish. It makes the texture look much better, and with it helps the haircut itself to look better than you’d ever imagine.

Although, having Aaron Ramsey’s haircut makes you look pretty cool!

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Gorgeous, fascinating, fashionable and in something embarrassing lovely 90’s. You can’t deny that the period was full of idols, particularly in the fashion industry. Thousands of young people have made this era unique. They wanted to make the world different. It all started with the appearance changes. The 90’s were famous for its relaxed and carefree sense of style. This era produced great numbers of awesome haircuts.

The fashion is cyclical and now we can enjoy our favourite trends from the past. It’s time to come back for the 90’s hairstyles. It’s a good chance for many to rock in a new, fresh way. And now you can see that the 90’s are back with its fresh and daring ideas.

Men do not forget the 90’s street culture, they show more commitment to this style. They feel it and they express this by their haircuts. Men’s 90’s haircuts are becoming popular from day to day.

We live in the progressive world and even Bred Pitt has changed his famous 90’s haircut. In fact, he hasn’t changed it, he updated it within the 2019 trends.

Keep up with fashion. Rock 2019, be trendy right now.

Curtains Haircut – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

Pretty look boys worn curtains haircut. Blond hair, blue eyes, sweet smile fits perfectly. For the perfect curtain haircut hair needed to be medium or long. Celebrities made this haircut famous. The boys from different parts of the world wanted to be like Leonardo Di Caprio. Johnny Depp was a role model his haircut was fresh and has made a name for an actor.

Let’s see how they are different in 2019 year

It is described with the word grungy. It isn’t “pretty boy” style any more. The curtain haircut is worked perfectly for men with shorter hair. The curtains hairstyle is something between Backstreet Boys and Nirvana. Men are combining the curtain haircut with smooth, slick style.

Tram Lines – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

Sides resemble tram lines and eyebrows were shaved a little bit but that was really amazing men’s 90’s haircut. This was one of the rappers and hip-hop artists’ favorite hairstyles. Add two or three shaved lines near the temples and you would look like M.C. Hammer or Vanilla Ice in 90’s. It was cool, brash, daring.

Let’s see how they are different in 2019 year

Stylists had no idea that tram lines cut ever come back into everyday fashion. The haircut has changed: single line is in pair with a skin fade, single line switches up the haircut very slightly. Single or several lines can divide the back of the head making the haircut astonishing. This is trendy in 2019.

Bowl Cut – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

Bowl haircut was specified by the plain fringe and short length all over the head. The haircut bowl cut origins from the home haircut technic. Mums were using a bowl. They were placing it over the child’s head and crop around it. The young man wore bowl cut and combined it with curtains.

Let’s see how they are different in 2019 year

In 2019 bowl haircut means not just straight fringe look but also buzzed style on the back and sides. Thank God we don’t use a bowl! It doesn’t fit everyone but it will look good almost on every guy. There are several variations, different technics and everyone will find his own style. The bowl cut is ideal for men who want to stand out. Bowl haircut doesn’t lose its relevance for 20 years and has already become something of an unbreakable classic.

Short Banged Caesar – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

Typical Caesar cut suits to a long length.

The first man who wore this haircut was Gaius Julius Caesar but we are talking about 90’s. George Clooney was a stylish actor, guys envied and admired him, his haircut. His Caesar cut blew up the 90’s.

Some men gelled down the fringe, but it wasn’t quite popular.

If men wanted to be like Julius Caesar they wore classic Caesar cut.

Let’s see how they are different in stylish 2019 year

The Caesar haircut never goes out of style. Nowadays it is characterized by short, horizontally straight cut bangs. Your fringe can be long or short, it doesn’t matter. The Caesar haircut is worn by tough guys who don’t want to waste time fixing their hair. The Caesar haircut looks great on men of all ages, types and professions. It creates the image of confidence, rigidity and seriousness. Looks perfect in combination with light stubble and a beard. Be confident with Caesar haircut it will make you look trendy in 2019.

The Heartthrob – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

The heartthrob was men’s desirable haircut in 90’s fashion industry. The heartthrob haircut was famous for its slicked back and front strands of hair. Brad Pitt was wearing “hero’s hair”. Di Caprio and many other celebrities kept up with him.

Let’s see how they are different in 2019 year

2019 has such idols like Milo Ventimiglia and Chris Evans as Captain America. Their “hero hair” haircuts are synonymous with exceptional good looks and cool styles. It isn’t worn like in the 90’s and the look is more natural. Basically, men under the age of 35 wear this haircut. It doesn’t matter whether your hair thick or thin, curly or straight, or you have long or short hair you really look like a hero.

Blonde highlights – Let’s see how it was worn in the stylish 90’s

Men rocked the fashion industry by the blonde spiky hair with frosted tips. Every guy who wanted to look good, gorgeous, cool and sexy was wearing blonde hairstyle. Movies and TV series popular actors “dictated” hairstyles and haircuts in the 90’s. Many young guys were copping actors from TV-series.

Let’s see how they are different in 2019 year

Blonde hair deserves special attention. This is a hairstyle that men are drawn to. When we are talking about men haircuts 2019 then the blond hair complementing almost any style makes a modern classy and a handsome haircut. A lot of men colour their hair because it is beautiful and trendy and hair dyes are free of any dangerous chemicals.

Men’s blonde highlights are fashionable for any time. Guys who dying hair from blonde to brown to red to white colours are considered as the hottest in 2019.

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Sergio Ramos might become the new football fashionista in terms of hairstyles.

Every game, or every new post on social networks, or an interview, he seems to have a new haircut. The thing that makes him the new Beckham is that his hairstyles also become trends. Sergio Ramos new hairstyle is no exception.

Of course, one cannot be ready to shine always and look just perfect, so once in a while, Ramos has a bad hair day, as we all do. Nonetheless, most of the time his hair is as trendy as could be.

Some time ago, he betrayed his smooth and polished look with a side part and preferred a regular buzz cut to it. It is not as simple and regular though.

Despite those surprising aspects of which we will speak a bit later, you definitely should try this in your regular barbershop.

rhpinterestcouk real madrid x champions of pe rhpinterestcom real sergio ramos haircut euro 2016 madrid x champions of

What is the new Sergio Ramos haircut?

The football fashionista hairstyle strength is its naturality. The football fashionista probably does not spend too much time in front of the mirror, to make it look special. Also, the hairstyle does not have that sleek stylish look about it. Sergio Ramos has a slight hint of a parting at the front of the head, but it does not look like he has been modelling it with hair product all day.

Right off the hair salon, Sergio Ramos haircut is no longer than 1 cm. On the top, it is longer, of course, because it should look uneven to have a certain shape that compliments his face.

Recently, the hair looked about a couple cm grown; but nonetheless, he still looks neat and stylish.

Advice on how to ask your barber for the trendy Sergio Ramos new haircut?

Just want to be sure what Sergio Ramos’ hairstyle is called? Then, here you are, it is called a buzz cut. In 2019, it is not characterized by a length, because it is not even. Plus, the fading to make it look just fine and not evenly trimmed. This hairstyle is about combining those aspects into one.

Showing a picture is a perfect way to inspire the barber for your personalized version of Sergio Ramos new haircut. If you walk into a barbershop and pay for this hairstyle, the barber might not make Sergio Ramos of you, but a young soldier. So, pretty please, for your style’s safety, show them a picture and do not just say what it is called.

To keep it more natural and spend less time on your hair every morning, do not fuss around the neatness of the look. The hair will grow quickly; every imperfection is clearly visible at this length, that it is not maintained properly. So, your barber should make it neat and tidy, but not extremely polished. This way makes it less time-consuming.

For your style’s safety, once again, decide with your barber how to personalize it, and try to adjust Sergio Ramos haircut to specific preferences and looks, so it would benefit you, and not make you look like Ramos.

How to style the Sergio Ramos haircut and keep it neat?

The good news, that it does not need much care to keep this hairstyle neat and tidy. If you decide to have the same length of the hair, then it is even easier, because you won’t need clay or spray to style it. Just brush the dust off, so to speak, and you are ready to go.

The bad news, the hair grows, so after a while, you will need to make it tidy again. However, the solution is surely beside your mirror where you style your hair; just add some hair product to remove the just-woke-up look and make it woke-up-like-this look.
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Until recently an alluring member of one of the most attractive boy band “One Direction” Harry Styles was especially famous for his equally stunning curly hair. In the raucous movie Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk he appeared to the viewers with a classic army haircut. The movie seems to remind about the 40s when it was popular among the youngsters.

For real though, there is nothing not to like. It’s quite a win-win. The haircut will suit most men, outfit and occasions.

What is the name of Harry Styles Dunkirk haircut then?

Unfortunately, to all fans of Harry with his adorable curls, Nolan aspired to create the appropriate scene for the 1940’s made him and other ‘soldiers’ cut their short sides and back. So, the traditional short back & sides haircut has a great number of variations. It depends on hair length on sides and back (low, mid, high or even bald) and level of hair volume on top. The Dunkirk haircut, in particular, is specified with its impressive dimension on top.

But feel free to bring a change from your own century, to make it more modern, and make your hair shorter on the sides and back.

What to ask my barber to get the Dunkirk haircut?

Obviously, it provides men with the versatility to create a dozen nice looks. But when it comes time to go to the barbershop, there is a confusion about how to describe properly what kind of haircut you need exactly.
A short back & sides haircut has a plenty different form of style. So, that means your barber will definitely know one of them. It increases your chances to get the desirable cut. But the easiest way still is just to show him/her the picture. So the only thing you need to do for the result you want is to provide your personal hairdresser with enough pictures of the Dunkirk haircut or just some random pictures that you like from a searcher by typing ‘a short back & sides haircut’. But before letting the barber start the cut be sure that he got exactly what you need.

How to style your hair for the Harry Styles Dunkirk hairstyle?

It’s not enough to just cut hair; you still need to arrange them in order to look not only like Dunkirk’s Harry but as a contemporary stylish gent. Here comes question about what kind of hair products better to apply.

Well, before men with this haircut would have fallen back to gel’s help that would not only have sculpted their hair but also made them shine. Wax is also quite good for this.

Tons of liquid products with a comb would give you more classic style. Also, it can be more stylish with a matte hair mousse.

Besides, pomade is quite helpful to get a look like a character from the movie and at the same time quite natural as hair is free as in real life. In case you prefer more fixed hair we recommend you to look for pomade with a strong fixation in a store.

At last, ensure before the purchase a product will work with your type of hair, so you will achieve your desirable Dunkirk haircut, which will definitely not suit you.

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How often should I wash my beard with shampoo?

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They say that the more frequently we clean our hair with the help of soap, the more it suffers from this artificial substance. Everyday usage of inappropriate substances makes the hair on our head quite weak, dull. The structure of a hair is badly influenced by these cosmetic agents.

So how often should you wash your beard? The answer to this question is quite apparent.

Specialists suggest an optimal number of times is twice or three times per week.

It is necessary to remember, that if you have decided to wash your beard oftener, you should buy a specially-designed shampoo. But before buying an agent, one ought to double-check the formula, because your beard needs the gentlest one. All other shampoos are not suitable for everyday washing, because they are too aggressive and may weaken your facial hair. Be careful! Pay attention not only to a formula of the cleaning substance. One should check he cleans his beard and his head with different cosmetic agents.

So our explanation to “How often should you wash your beard” is quite transparent: four times a week is too many even with a specially-designed shampoo.

Of course, some guys may have the necessity to wash their hair oftener, sometimes even every day. You may find different reasons, the main is that we live in large urban centres, where the main problems are dust, polluted air. It’s obvious, that aggressive environment does harm our hair and skin. How often should you wash your beard if you are a resident of a metropolitan city? Do that every day. In this case, choose and buy a special shampoo for everyday usage. But first of all make sure, it is a shampoo for a beard, not for your hair. If you want a great result, avoid misusing.

Such cosmetic production is specially designed to please you with the result.

But what if your beard becomes faint and weak. How often should you wash your beard in this situation? You already know, washing damages your beard. You shouldn’t wash it so often. Try to do it as seldom as possible. And remember, twice a week should be enough for you.
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You probably know that to hit the run-office point-blank you have to cast Dwayne Rock. That’s true, but “Baywatch” has something else to offer: specifically, we talk about Zac Efron and his cool summer hairstyle… you must be wondering what is it and how to do it? Let’s find out!

Photo Credit:


To look like you’re planning a summer vacation in the couple of weeks, you need to get a long top undercut, with back and sides short.



Although you might be tired of hearing it, but we aren’t of saying: to ensure your barber clearly understands what you’re awaiting from him, show the picture! You have couple of them in this article, so just go with it.

Though, if you want to go deeper, keep at 1-2 length on sides and your back, and leave 3-4 on the top. Don’t forget about the undercut! Thick and messy hair go better with a texture added in advance, resulting in a fresh summer look – the same that Zac Efron has!

If you’d like to try out something new, try a fade of 0-1. That’s rather stylish and bold decision.



To replicate Zac Efron’s cut you want to keep it a lot more natural and not have too much product in your hair. For the full Baywatch effect you need to be able to push your hair back seductively when it falls slightly out of place!

If you want to look exactly like Zac Efron did in the movie, don’t try too hard on your hair. Just keep it natural: remember that baywatchers don’t have time to style their hair and they still look sexy as hell. Don’t forget about this slight hand movement of laying your hair back when they go as messy as hell. That’s the very reason for actually having this hairstyle!

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How can you not like the style of the latest spy movies, specifically – Kingsman? Looking at the way they style their hair, we try not to remember the good old Hollywood prosperity days, when a clean face with a clean top was the biggest trend… but, if you don’t care about time frames, here’s your lowdown on how to look like Eggsy in the movie!



This is an ordinary, but very accurate side parting. Of all, it should remind you of Hollywood fashions back in 40s and 50s. You should wear longer hair on your top, and taper them down to a less length behind your ears.


WHAT to say to MY BARBER?

This might sound like a broken record, but the unarguable truth that it’s always better to show your barber the picture of a haircut that you want. Speaking the lingo, ask for side parting with tapered cuts around ears.



The team of stylist must have worked well on Taron Egerton’s haircut, using everything they could: starting from a low-glow pomatum at first and then finishing their work with a hairspray. You are always the one to decide how your hair should shine and glow, but if you’re eager to look exactly like spy, we would recommend you not to get something of high glow level. Low will do.

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