Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hair – What is the haircut? How to style? Revealing the Secret of the Popularity

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Charlie Hunnam is considered to be one of the most famous guys in the cinema of today. His characters are quite different and memorable. He got his popularity for being Jax Teller in the film “Sons of Anarchy”. Another cinema image to be remembered is on the work “Green Street”. And not only. But something particularly new has arrived! “King Arthur” by the director with the world name Guy Ritchie has brought another look of Charlie. The actor got the leading part and his transformation into the king is really impressive!  Having seen him once, you would never forget such a charismatic character full of own charm.

While watching the films with the favourite actors, one can’t but observe all the details possible – figure, clothes, speech, manner, gestures. And, surely, haircut. The film, moreover, historical, – is a reflection of way of life in Middle Ages, including some prominent features of appearance.

Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hair cannot escape from the spectator. One takes a note of a special fashion look of the haircut in the film. It is not surprising that such an image is loved by thousands and is worth telling about. Without going into many details, it is possible to describe the peculiarities of style and reveal the secrets of how to acquire the haircut stated above. The most part of devoted viewers consider it very “cool”.

What is the Charlie Hunnam King Arthur haircut? Some clarifying comments!

The style of hair introduced by the character of King Arthur is very attractive for both men and women. The former who have at least the hair of medium length will, probably, enjoy the idea to creating some similar look, and the ladies will call their beloved to try to stick to such style, let alone the admiration of their new “favourite”. It is a kind of presentation of the hair slicked back, shortened at the back and sides, neither long nor short. Another detail – a “wet” look.

What should I ask my barber for? Advice of the specialists

First of all, you should think over if you really want to change for such royal look. In this case, pay a visit to your familiar or recommended hairstylist who better knows your preferences and suitable variants of hair-cutting. And since the very beginning the man is not to allow to lose his hair much. In any case trying should be cautious, especially at first.

It is better to present some pictures of the film, especially if your specialist is not a constant cinema-goer. You should ask to provide the top to the length of medium size. Then a great deal of length which helps to push all the way back and finally the fashion of an undercut way should be given. As for sides and back length, normally the request will arrive between “numbers 2 and 4” in a kind of hair blending.

Surely, the character of King Arthur reveals some development in the film, so the variants of the hairdo are also logical. It is possible to create the cut with a zero fade, situated on the back and side part. The hair is started to be blended without so called undercut.

How to style the hairstyle? Nothing is complicated, but imperative!

In the film about King Arthur’s adventures it seems that the corresponding haircut is created with some water. Undoubtedly, such style is not practical to do it on a regular basis: it is different in case of possessing an assistant who will make a respraying every quarter of an hour. What a luck to be such a happy-man! But the majority of us will never have a helper like that, so there exists another way. To achieve and effect of wet look, a pomade on the water use is required. Another solution – some application of gel with “wet effect”.

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