How To Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo on WC 2018

2018-09-04 • Under: Brutality, Haircut, Men's style

    To put all the haters to dust, Cristiano Ronaldo started his World Cup 2018 campaign with a hat-trick against Spain NT. His team didn’t make it very far, though. But, apart from his goals scored, he surprised the community and his fans with a new hairstyle – short hair he already rocked before. We know you can get tired of countless Ronaldo’s hair talks, but this one is worth mentioning. And now you can get the same hairstyle – read further to know how!


What Is The New Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut?

The hairstyle Ronaldo was wearing is a mix of a buzz and crew cuts with a razored high hard part.

Photo Credit: adsbuzz

What To Say To Your Hairdresser

Not to risk anything, we recommend you to show the image to your hairdresser, so he would know what exactly do you want to get and what to do with your hair. Still, this hairstyle requires number 2 both on the sides and back. One of Ronaldo’s best assessments that contributes to his look is his dark hair, but, if you have a fairer shade, you may also have your hair cut longer than Ronaldo does to achieve this look.


The hair on top is a little longer to have something to style and transform the haircut (which makes it not accurately buzz). And then, the razor put stretches along the top.

How To Take Care Of The Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle

When Ronaldo poses for a camera along his matches, his hair shine and glow, which makes the impression of it being just-washed. The effect doesn’t require exceptional light, though. To get it, we advise you to use a shine hair cream or water pomatum.


Who else from the world of celebrities makes exclusive haircuts.


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